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Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Haul

I feel like it has been a hot minute since I have posted a haul post, in fact I think the last time I shared a real haul on this page was all the way back in October of last year, so it has been a little while. I’m not sure why I haven’t posted a haul, I for sure have picked up some stuff between then and now but I didn’t. Today I am posting a haul because like every other time during the 21 days of beauty sale, I lost my mind. I think I did better this year than I have some, but it’s still a little out of control, so before we settle in to talk about all of the new pretties I have acquired, grab a drink and a snack because it is going to be a long one my friends.

Lime Crime Plushies Pigment Quad in Sweet Blends – The first item in the haul is something that I didn’t get from Ulta, which there are a few things in this haul that I have thrown in because it’s a haul and I wanted to include it. I got this one for a really great price and couldn’t pass it up.

Butter London Tinted Lip Treatment in Double Play – I am very easily tempted during the sale and when it comes to lip products, I just thought this looked pretty and sounds like it would be really nice on the lips.

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette – I debated this one a lot, I wasn’t going to get it and then the day came around and I got some serious FOMO, so you can see how it turned out. I am very interested in trying this out, it does look really pretty in person.

Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in White Russian – This is a classic I think and I have used up a mini size before, I missed it so this seemed like the perfect time to pick up another one and that’s what I did.

Lipstick Queen in Nothing But The Truth – I love lipstick queen lipsticks, all of the ones that I have tried are very moisturizing and comfortable. So, I saw these and knew that I needed to pick one up and this shade looks really stunning.

Juvia’s Place Serafina Blush – These were on bogo so I picked both up, I have heard a lot of good things about these blushes. I am a little bit nervous that this one is going to be too dark for my face but we will see.

Juvia’s Place Bella Blush – This blush looks stunning and looks like the perfect spring shade and I am very much excited to get to try this one out.

Smashbox Ablaze Face Palette – This was a last minute addition to the sale and these colors look so pretty, plus I don’t have very many face palettes or bronzers so, I went for it and so far I have only swatched this but it looks so pretty.

Ulta Jelly Lip Gloss in Waves & Surf’s Up – I am in a lip gloss mood majorly, these were on sale like everything in this haul pretty much, and I am interested in trying these because they are pretty simple.

BareMinerals Gen Nude Lipstick in Heaven – I have a couple minis from this line and I really like them, so I thought it would be nice to pick up a full size and this color really called to me.

BareMinerals Statment Lipstick in Elite – I haven’t tried their statement lipsticks which is why I picked one up and this color looked like a shade that I would like, however, I am not sure about this color so this one might go back, we’ll see.

Ofra NikkieTutorials Highlighting Trio – I have one other highlighter from Ofra and I love it, so I thought that this would be a fantastic way to try out a couple more shades. While I don’t need any more highlighters I love them and am excited to own this.

Becca First Light Priming Filter – I know, I said I wouldn’t be picking up the regular one, but I have used this before and I did have a coupon, so I thought this was the perfect time to pick up the full size.

Too Faced Tutti Frutti Guava Glitz – I have heard a lot of mixed things about these and that is why I had avoided picking any up until now since they were on sale I thought that now would be a great time to try one of these out.

Sally Hansen x Jelly Belly Duo – I love nail polish and I thought these shades were really cute along with the packaging, so I picked up two of the three sets as the last one didn’t really speak to me. I really love the glitters in these sets, I just hope they are pretty on the nails as well.

Too Faced Born This Way Etheral Setting Powder in Translucent – I have heard a lot of really good things about this powder and I always aim to look very ethereal, so I thought I would try this out while it was on sale.

Ulta Makeup Correcting Sponge – This feels like a gimmicky product but I am interested in trying this out, I am ready to see if this will help clean up and make lines easily, I’m not holding my breath but I am going to give it a whirl.

Lipstick Queen Girls Will Be Boys – I love lipstick queen lipsticks, as you guys probably know at this point, and this is a color changing one that I do not currently own, so I had to pick it up and see if I love this one as much as I love the rest.

Urban Decay Single Eyeshadows in Spike & Lounge – I always pick up one or two of these urban decay singles when they are on sale, I’m not sure what it is but I always find a shade or two that I just feel like I need to own. Spike is a pretty matte orange shade and lounge is a really interesting duochrome shifty kind of shade.

Tarte But First, Hydrate Skincare Set – I don’t know what it was about this cute little set but I really wanted to try a couple of things out. I have heard pretty good things about this line so I had to see for myself.

Buxom Satin Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick in Rebel Rose – I have heard good things about these lipsticks and since they were on sale I thought I would try one out, this one looks very pretty.

Ofra Island Time Blush in Mai Tai – This blush looked too pretty and perfect for the upcoming seasons, it just looks so nice and fun. I am excited to try this out and see if it’s as good as the highlighters that I’ve tried.

Lime Crime Venus Palette – This was the only one that I didn’t have and I liked the other two so much that I felt like I had to pick up this one while it was on sale. I probably have these shades in other palettes but I have zero self-control as we all know at this point.

Laura Geller Iconic Baked Sculpting Lipstick in Bryant Park Blossom – This was another one that went on sale last minute and I was already ordering something else so I threw this shade into my cart.

Tarte Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Rave – I have been far too into greige kind of shades recently so I thought I needed to add this to my hoard when I saw it, plus I’ve never really tried this formula out properly.

Essence Colour Boost Mad About Matte Liquid Lipstick – This is a new liquid lip as far as I know and the little bit that I have heard is good, the finish of this is a really interesting kind of powdery matte finish.

Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in OG – This shade looks amazing and I haven’t really tried out this formula either so I thought it was a great time to try it out.

Ulta x Avenger’s Matte Lipstick in  I’ve Got This – I had zero intentions to pick any of these up until I saw the swatches and this shade was right up my alley. I’m curious how these are going to perform as they look just like the Wet ‘N Wild ones.

Tarte Tarteist Glossy Lip Paint in Snap – I do have another shade of this one and I liked enough that I decided to pick up another one while I saw grabbing the other two.

Essence Insta Care Lipstick – This is another new Essence lip product and I wanted to try it out, sometimes I like to try out drugstore products just to see how they go, plus I really love lipsticks.

If it wasn’t already clear, I have very little self-control, so when the Colourpop x Villains came out I ordered a fair chunk of the collection and figured I would share the items I picked up with you guys in this haul.

Colourpop Poor Unfortunate Souls Highlighter – I almost got all of the Ursula stuff for the fact that she is one of my favorite villains, but I skipped over the lipstick because I simply wouldn’t wear it, however, this highlighter is right up my alley. I think this pinky purple shade is such an interesting shade.

Colourpop Sad But True Lipgloss – This lip gloss looks like it is almost the same shade as the highlighter and while I typically shy away from those shades, I was interested in trying this one out because of Ursula.

Colourpop Hot Headed Lip Gloss – This is such a pretty peachy lip gloss shade that I thought would be fantastic for spring, plus I really like Hades so I had to pick this one up as well.

Colourpop Everybody’s Got a Weakness Highlighter – I love highlighters and didn’t need anymore, but here I am with four new highlighters that I had to have. This is a more peach toned highlighter that I think is going to be really pretty.

Colourpop Hades Lipstick – I wasn’t that interested in a lot of the lipsticks but this more peachy nude shade caught my attention, I am a little bit on the fence about the shade so we will have to wait and see how this one goes.

Colourpop Dr. Facilier Lipstick – I adored the look of this lipstick, it just looks like such a pretty shade that I am very much excited to try out.

Colourpop Mistress of All Evil Highlighter – I love Maleficent! I also love the look of this highlighter, the shade looks rather light while also leaning a little bit warm, I am very jazzed to try it out.

Colourpop Bad Apple Lip Gloss – I was surprised that I actually liked this lip gloss of all the shades but it looks really pretty and not too out there, it looks like a very wearable gloss shade if you ask me.

Colourpop You Idiots! You Fools! You Imbeciles! Highlighter – I completely picked this one up because it looked the most sparkly in the swatches so, of course, I had to have this one. It looks just as sparkly and pretty in person too.

Can we stop for a second and talk about how stunning all of the Colourpop x Disney Villains collection packaging is? Seriously, I really debated keeping it but in the end, I didn’t because even though it is stunning, I didn’t see a point in keeping it but it is so pretty. The packaging of some of the products is also stunning, highlighters, I’m looking at you. It just felt better put together as a whole than the Disney Princess collection.

Anyway, that was my haul, this was far too long so I will try and keep this short. If you guys are interested in more in-depth reviews of anything from this haul, feel free to comment below and tell me and if you want to see hauls more frequently let me know.

What did you pick up during the 21 days of beauty?


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