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Review: Lush Cream Egg Bubble Bar

I am sinking into another bath today, this time I will be talking about a really fun and festive product that Lush has come out with for the spring time, which is the Cream Egg. I love the look of this and I love that it has ‘cream’ in the middle, it’s just all very cute if you ask me. So, let’s get into this bubble bar and see how it went.

Today is all about the Cream Egg Bubble Bar from the Lush spring range, this one will run you $5.95 and is 3.5oz. This one does come in two different colors, I personally went for the pink and blue shade because I like the look of it better, it reminds me of cotton candy which I love.

This one features some really great ingredients such as fair trade cocoa butter, fair trade shea butter and spearmint oil to name a few. This one sounds like a really moisturizing one, for sure.

Before we get into talking about the formula and the scent, I want to talk about the appearance of this one a little bit. I love the look of this one, I love the marbled effect and I love the pink and blue colors like I mentioned above it really reminds me of cotton candy. This is also egg-shaped which is very festive and cute and it like a bubbleroon in the way that it is sandwiched together by a layer of ‘cream’.

This bubble bar is really pretty in the water, which I will drop a photo down below, it makes a fair amount of bubbles and it leaves the water a really pretty soft kind of periwinkle shade that I am really into, it’s just really pretty and might even be one of my favorite Lush bath colors.

I was a little bit surprised by the scent choice on this one because Lush tends to favorite more fruity and citrusy scents, but I do like other ones and was glad to see a little mix up in scents. This one smells like straight up sweet mint and I like that, it’s not overpowering at all bit it is very clear what the scent is. I found this to be fairly relaxing in the bath and like I could smell it the whole time during my bathing. I didn’t find that the scent really lingered on the skin though, so that is a little bit disappointing.

This felt amazing in the bath and left my skin feeling super moisturized after I got out, which I am sure is due to the cocoa and shea butters in this one. I love a moisturizing product from time to time, it just leaves the skin feeling really nice and adds to the whole bath experience.

So, overall I did really enjoy this bubble bar and could see myself picking another one up in the future, though I don’t think the scent is a staple product for me personally but I do still like it and enjoy it. I do not think that I will ever try the yellow one though because we all know my feelings about yellow bath products.

What is your favorite from the Lush spring line?


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