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March 2019 Lifestyle Favorites

I have already talked about my beauty favorites from this past month so that means that it is now time to talk about all of the other favorites that I have from this past month, all of my snacks and music and all of the other random things. I kind of love doing these even though I often feel like I am forgetting something, but I guess it wasn’t that important if I forgot. So, let’s talk random lifestyle favorites.

I want to start this month out by talking about a snack favorite this month that just crept its way in the last week and a half, that is sour blue raspberry popcorn. This is something that they make at a local popcorn shop and I have been way too into it, I don’t usually like sour but I love this and I love that it turns your tongue blue because I am eternally a child at heart.

I’ve started talking about my favorite book that I’ve read in the past month in these, so I have to share that this months favorite was for sure Educated. I don’t know what it was exactly but I loved this, I just found it so interesting. This was also my pick for the month for my husband and I to read because I felt like I was seeing this everywhere and couldn’t miss out on reading this one.

A terrible favorite it Mercari, and by terrible I mean it’s terrible for my wallet but I have still been loving using this app as it’s super easy to sell things while also being really fun to shop on, which I think it a little bit of the problem, but either way I have been enjoying it a lot.

RuPauls Drag Race has been a favorite as well, it always is because I love watching it, however, I must admit that I am not obsessing over any of the queens this season, not yet anyway as it is still early on, but either way, I have been enjoying it a lot. Another TV favorite that is always a favorite is Bob’s Burgers. I love this one so much I almost feel like I shouldn’t mention it, but I did because I am really into it as always. I just think it’s a fantastic show and it’s my favorite happy place show.

Decluttering has been a serious favorite in my life recently, I have been going through everything and organizing it, it has been so fun though I still feel like I could declutter a lot of areas of my life. Okay, mostly beauty related things, bath things and clothes but I have made a good dent in all of these things and am working to see what I actually use and what I can use up, but decluttering and spring cleaning have been in my life majorly this past month and probably will be this upcoming month.

The last favorite that I want to talk about this month is baths because I have been loving taking baths, I always have kind of enjoyed it but I have been loving it an extra lot this month, it’s just been really peaceful and I hope to continue on with taking all of the baths.


My playlist this month is really fun and is mostly new things to me, I have been trying to listen to some new music because I feel like I haven’t done that in a while and I really like it. So, if you guys have any music suggestions for me feel free to drop them in the comments below.

That has been everything that I have been loving during the month of March, a really random mix though all are things that I really love. I feel like March was really relaxing and really chill, so I think my favorites have kind of reflected that in things that are relaxing and that I already know I loved.

What are some of your current favorite snacks?


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