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March 2019 Favorites + Face

Another month is over and I’m happy to see April, I have no real attachment to April other than two of my favorite people were born this month, but I am just happy to be fully into spring. That is not what today is about though, today is all about talking about my favorite products from March, which wasn’t very much but still enough for me to want to talk about.

e.l.f. Line & Define Tape – I know you can just use scotch tape but I like these better than just using scotch tape, they just feel better on the skin and don’t feel nearly as harsh. So I am a pretty big fan of these.

Strobe Cosmetics Creepy Cute Palette – This one is back because I have been loving playing with this palette, though I have been trying to incorporate other palettes and shadows with this because it really needs it. I still think this is fantastic and really pigmented though.

Wet ‘N Wild Mega Length Mascara – This is the new mascara that I have been using this past month, I may have partly picked it out because of the color of the tube and how it feels really springy, but also I like it. This mascara is really nice, it has a good consistency and really adds some length without clumping, though it doesn’t really hold a curl which sucks.

Lime Crime Plushies – I don’t have a color picked out for this one because I have been loving these in general, so like no particular color in mind. These are just really nice, they smell good, they go on sheer but are really buildable, they dry down matte and they last fairly well so I really love these. I also own too many of them but that’s fine.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation – I am still loving this foundation and have realized that I have actually made a pretty decent dent in this foundation. I just like the way this looks on my skin and that it gives really good coverage without feeling like it’s caked on my face.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 4 – I know, I said I wasn’t going to pick this up because it was expensive but I did get a really great deal on it and I couldn’t pass it up since my only problem with it in the first place was that it was expensive. This is a great way to test out products and honestly, all of these powders are really fantastic.

DP Hue Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub – This was something that I heard about and really have no idea why I had to have it but I did, I am really glad that I picked this up. I hate the smell of this, it smells like apple cider vinegar and I just don’t like it but I put up with it because this does great things for my hair and scalp. My hair feels and looks better and it really gives my scalp a nice scrub, so I am a big fan of this one for sure.

This is my face pick for the month, a look that I did using the Creepy Cute Palette, which is a favorite this month. I am just really happy with how this looks, like a fun pastel rainbow eye and really toned down everything else, which is my typical bright makeup look. I’m just really happy with how this looks.

So those are all of my favorites from March, a good mix of things, some old favorites and some new favorites. I feel like I haven’t had a really exciting favorites post in a while but I have a feeling that maybe April will be pretty fun and exciting, we will just have to wait and see though.

What are some products that you have been loving this past month?


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