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Review: NYX Off Tropic Palette in Hasta La Vista

I thought since the weather is finally kind of warming up it would be fun to do a review of a fun and new palette, which means that I will be talking about one of the new palettes from the NYX Off Tropic collection. This one looks so bright and fun and like it would be perfect for the summer, so let’s find out together if it is.

This one is all about the new NYX Off Tropic Palette in the shade Hasta La Vista, this will run you $9.99, comes with .38oz of product and 10 different shades of eyeshadow. This is any all matte palette with the exception of a shimmery gold shade. I kind of wish they had included a couple more shimmers in this one but they did not and it is what it is I guess.
Let me talk about packaging for just a minute, as I always do. This packaging is nothing exciting, it’s pretty standard cardboard packaging that works and is totally fine, but doesn’t feel particularly nice or sturdy. I do love the print on this one, it is really fun, bright and I think it fits really well with the theme of the palette overall. As for the inside, I like it, I think the shadows are spaced out nicely but it isn’t taking up too much space, and the color placement makes sense to me.

Since these do not have shade names, I think I’m just going to go from time to bottom starting with #1 which is a matte bright coraly red kind of shade, #2 is the only shimmer in palette and is a really pretty true gold shade, #3 is a matte hot pink that does swatch a little bis sheer. #4 is a matte bright/light blue shade that is also kind of on the sheer side of things, #5 is a matte sea kind of green that I think is really fun addition, #6 is a somewhat sheer matte bright purple that kind of makes me think of Barney #7 is a matte dark pink that is super pigmented and does stain the tiniest bit. As for #8 it almost looks like #1 swatched but isn’t, #9 is a matte yellow that is okay, nothing terrible but nothing to jump up and down about and lastly #10 is a matte kind of darker rose shade that I really like.


I think these shadows are actually fairly pigmented, the yellow is okay but yellow is typically pretty hard on to get. These go on with a lot of color with very little effort, my real beef with them is that they don’t really blend out that well or blend together that well, these eye looks I have created are after working quite a little bit and while I like them I still don’t think they look as good as some of my other bright looks. So, all in all I am not excited about this palette but I will try and play with it some more and see if I can make things work for me the way that I want them to, but as of right now I would say don’t waste your money on this one.

Have any products let you down as of recently?


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