Disney Inspired: Captain Hook from Peter Pan

I had such a hard time coming up with who I wanted to do a post for this month, but I finally settled on Captain Hook after seeing some really cool hook eyeliner, so that is who will be featured this month for my Disney inspired look. So let’s just jump right in and talk about the look that I came up with for this hooked Villain.

These are the two photos that I have used for inspiration in this look that I am about to show you. With this one I really wanted to draw colors from the outfit that he wears, so a lot of red, gold, white and even a touch of purple as his hat looks a little bit on the purple side to me.

I really quite liked this look until I added the eyeliner, I tried to do the eyeliner and it just did not come out the way that I wanted t to. I had a vision and this wasn’t quite it, but I do think it looks like a hook at least and is silver which is cute, it’s just really sloppy. Eyeliner might not be my thing still. I love the colors of this and they might be a little bit bold, but I feel like they represent the inspiration that I had when thinking this one through, just maybe a little bit more bright.

Overall, I am mostly happy with how this look turned out. I really love the eyeshadow and love the color combination, I even love the idea of the silver liner, I just wish I had been a little bit neater with it. Maybe I will try this one again one day, or maybe I’ll just play with eyeliner more, who knows.

What character should I do next month?


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