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Try it Tuesday: MissFitzDesigns

Hello there, it is time for me to share a post about a recent Etsy find, I am trying to keep up with trying something from the past month so this one is a little bit strange but still fun and completely makeup related. This month is about swatch stickers from MissFitzDesigns, which I have made multiple purchases from so I think that might spoil how I feel about them a little bit, but either way, let’s chat about this shop a little bit and let me dump far too many swatch photos on you guys.

This month is all about swatch stencils, from the Etsy shop MissFitzDesigns that I featured in my last Etsy finds post. This shop sells a bunch of different swatch stencils and they seem to be coming out with more constantly.  They also sell some stickers which are really cute, but if you ask me the stencils are where it’s at in this shop.

These are made out of Vinyl, these are very easy to peel off and just place on the arm. These don’t irritate my skin in the slightest bit, these are not reusable either and these do come off really cleanly though I will say, be careful not go too much over the sides like I do frequently because clean up is a pain, even with a small Q-tip.

These varying in sizes, they sell small, medium, large and extra large which I think is just in reference to how large the actual stencil it. These come in bunch of different shapes and amounts and sizes, though as you might be able to tell I am pretty favorable of the large ones since they tend to hold more than the smaller ones. These do ship from New Zeland, but I have no trouble getting them and I think the shipping is super reasonable so I just wanted to make sure to mention that. Now, let me dump a few photos below.

So, at this point I think is fairly clear that I like these, I think these are really great products and I am happy with all of the ones that I have tried. I think these are very easy to use, very affordable and this particular shop sells a really good variety and has just about anything that I could ever want. So, overall I would recommend this shop if you are looking for something to spice up your swatches, these are easy and super fun.

Have you ever tried swatch stencils?


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