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Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Spring 2019 Wishlist

Hello there, if you guys didn’t know the spring 21 Days of Beauty at Ulta starts today and in honor of that, I have decided to share some products that I would recommend picking up and some things that are on my wishlist. Just in case anyone is looking for recommendations, so let’s just jump on into what I am eyeing and enjoy.

Week One

Sunday, March 17th: Benefit The Professional – Platinum/Diamond Only – On sale for $16.00 – I don’t need another primer, especially since this one is in my project pan for the year, but I do really love this primer so I just wanted to throw it out there as a recommendation in case anyone was on the fence. I think that this is a fantastic primer and leaves my skin looking nearly flawless.

Monday, March 18th: Dose of Colors Desi x Katy Palette Friendcation – On sale for $27.50 – This palette looks really pretty and is on my list, I’m not sure if I will be picking it up or not as I don’t really need more palettes and I’m just not sure if these colors are for me, but I am debating.

Wednesday, March 20th: Sara Happ The Lip Slip – Online only – On sale for $10.00 – I just like lip glosses, this one is as simple as that. I haven’t heard anything about this one but it sounds interesting and that is enough for me.

Thursday, March 21st: Becca Backlight Priming Filter – On sale for $19.00 – I will not be picking this one up because I already have a full one, or nearly full, but I think this is a fantastic product and if you are looking for something that makes your skin look glowy and radiant, this one is probably for you.

Friday, March 22nd: Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette – On sale for $24.50 – This is another palette that I don’t really need but looks super pretty if you ask me, so it is on my radar and I am thinking about it. I’ll probably look at some reviews before I decide.

Week Two

Sunday, March 24th: It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder – On sale for $14.50 – This is a powder that I just recently started using but already love and would suggest picking up. This is a fantastic pressed powder, it keeps my makeup looking matte and flawless all day, it’s just a great one and I’m even contemplating picking up a back up.

Monday, March 25th: Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels – On sale for $7.50 – $15.00 – This is all depending on which size you get, of course. I really like the way these feel and I think they make my skin look nice and plump after using them, so I am thinking about picking up another pack myself as I quite like them though I do not really need them.

Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ Scents – Platinum/Diamond Only –  On sale for $13.50 – I will not be picking this up because I do not need any more of this along with the fact that I am trying to remain cruelty free and Mac is a little bit questionable, but this is a fantastic spray and has a fantastic nozzle if you ask me.

Bare Minerals Lipsticks – Online only – On sale for $10.00 – I am a serious lipstick lover and I do not need any new additions to my collection, but I am kind of interested in these so maybe a couple will make it into my drawer. We’ll see.

Tuesday, March 26th: Ofra NikkieTutorials Highlighting Trio – On sale for $14.50 – I have one Ofra highlighter and I adore it, it’s so blinding and because of that I am thinking about picking this one up. This one sounds like it has a really great mix of shades and it’ll be fun to use, so I will probably pick this one up.

Thursday, March 28th: Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Cream – On sale for $10.50 – These are some of the best lip glosses I have ever tried and I plan on picking up a couple of shades that I don’t have, I might even go in stores for these ones since they tend to sell out.

Friday, March 29th: Too Faced Born This Way Ethereal Loose Setting Powder – Online only – On sale for $16.50 – I have heard a lot of good things about this powder and I am kind of interested, I’m not sure if I am interested enough to pick up another powder though.

Saturday, March 30th: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – On sale for $11.00 – This is something that I already own and really love, this is a fantastic eyeliner that I would suggest for anyone looking for a great black eyeliner that will last you all day.

Dermablend Loose Setting Powder – On sale for $14.50 – Another product that I have a nearly full container of, but I love it so I wanted to mention it. I think this is a really great, finely milled setting powder that looks stunning on the skin. I do believe this has a bit of flashback, but on an average day that doesn’t matter that much if you ask me.

Week 3

Tuesday, April 2nd: Lime Crime Venus Palettes – On sale for $19.00 – I have the venus 2 and 3 and love them, so I am probably going to pick up the 1st one during this sale just because I am a weird person who wants to own them all. I can’t vouch for the first one, but the other two are fantastic.

Saturday, April 6th: It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara – On sale for $12.00 – I almost always pick up at least one high-end mascara from this sale, it’s a great time to try them without investing too much in them. This time around I think it’s going to be this one, I have heard good things about it and I haven’t tried it yet.

Hot Buys

These are good for the entirety of the sale while supplies last.

Too Faced Twinkle Twinkle Glitter Eyeshadow – On sale for $13.00 – I really like glitter, that is not secret even though I do not wear nearly enough of it on my face, and these for sure caught my attention. I never wanted to pay full price for them but I might have to pick up one or two while they are on sale.

Lipstick Queen Nothing but the Nudes – On sale for $14.00 – I have no idea why it seems like no one talks to about Lipstick Queen, I really love all of the formulas that I have tried from this brand and I am interested in these as they look really pretty and natural.

Lorac Pro Palette – On sale for $26 – This is a really good price if you ask me, though I have never owned the original Lorac palette, I do love all of the palettes that I have tried from them, so I am contemplating this one. I am afraid that if I get this one though I will feel the need to pick out the second one because it would be the only one that I do not have.

Beauty Blender Micro Minis – On sale for $9.00 – I have the full size and tiny ones from other brands, but I do really like the shape and size of these from what I have seen so I am thinking about giving these a whirl.

Ofra Island Time Blush – Online only – On sale for $20.00 – Even on sale this seems a bit steep so I am not sure that I will be picking this one up, but it does look very pretty and I love my Ofra highlighter so I am a little bit curious if this is good or not.

Every time I get the add and go, meh, I’m not super excited about a lot of things but a few things have caught my eye, then I look closer at it and they add online only deals and hot buys and then my list really fleshes itself out. That’s exactly what happened this time and I am sure it’ll happen when the fall sale comes around as well, but I am trying to stick to a budget for the month so I will hopefully be able to control myself at least a little bit. We’ll see what happens when I post a haul next month I guess.

What are you picking up during this sale?


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