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Review: Wet ‘N Wild Makeup Locker

Hello there, today I am reviewing a product that no one seems to be talking about and no one is probably looking for, but I was very much intrigued by this product and the whole line as it seems really easy to use and great for travel. Anyway, let’s just jump into this one and see how it goes.

This one is all about a new product from Wet ‘N Wild, it’s called the Makeup Locker 3-in1 Sheer BB Cream, Highlighter and Corrector, that is a mouth full for sure. This is in the shade fair/light and is a really good color match for me.

This is a 3-in-1 product as you might have been able to guess, this comes with a bb cream and tucked away in the lid is a highlighter and concealer. This is supposed to be lightweight and perfect to throw in a gym bag, though I also think it would be great for travel.

Now, let’s talk about the packaging for a minute as I usually tend to do. I do not like this packaging, it’s not the worst ever but it’s not great either. It feels cheap and I hate how the bb cream is just kind of open and only has a spatula to remove, I’m not sure what else they could have done with this but I do not like that. However, I guess a good point of that is that it is really easy to get out every last drop of this one. But overall, I just don’t like the look or the feel of this one.

Let’s talk about the products themselves, starting with the bb cream. This is the best part of this if you ask me, it’s actually a really good color match for me as it sheers out a lot. This is exactly what I would think a bb cream would be, it’s really comfy on the skin, it’s sheer and it doesn’t really give a lot of coverage but I think that is the point of a product like this. If I am wearing a base though, I don’t typically go for things this sheer, but that’s a preference of mine. Otherwise, this is fine and I like the formula.

Let’s talk about the highlighter next because that is my next favorite out of this, I like this highlighter alright. it’s a cream and it’s fairly easy to apply, it’s a really light and natural highlight. I like the look of it, it just looks nice on the skin though I also think it isn’t anything super exciting.

Now, for the huge miss and the thing that really ruins this item, that is the concealer which you can probably see swatched above is very much orange. I hate this concealer, I don’t like a potted concealer, I think this is impossible to blend and this is just straight up orange. I even tried to wear this under foundation as like a color corrector but it did not look good so I would beware of this concealer.

Overall, I like this product but it’s nothing that I feel like I need to own, it’s an okay BB cream, it’s an alright highlight that does look really natural on the skin and a terrible concealer that really drags this product down. This is convenient if you do minimal makeup or just need a little something, but the concealer does ruin a lot of that by simply being not usable, if you ask me anyway. I would pass on this one.

What are some of your favorite Wet ‘N Wild products?


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