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February 2019 Nail Wrap Up

I love nail polish more than a person probably should, so of course, I am going to share all of the nail polish looks that I have worn over the last month, as I do every single month. I outdid myself this month and did seven different looks and played with nail art a bunch, none of it is particularly good or exciting but for me it’s good and practice makes perfect, right? So let’s jump in and look at all of the things that I did this past month.

Up first is a polish from the brand Emily de Molly and this one is in the shade Seventh Seal which is a magnetic polish. The magnet that I ended up getting wasn’t working so great so these didn’t turn out the way that I really wanted them to, but they are a pretty shade and they did last pretty well on the nails. I think I have gotten a better magnet and I am hoping to do these again.

This one is another polish from Emily de Molly in the shade Sea of Lies. This one is stunning if you ask me, it shifts between purple blue and a more aqua shade, it’s really quite pretty and interesting. I tried to get a good picture of it but I am not sure that I did.

These were my Valentines Day nails, this is a polish from I Scream Nails in the shade Cotton Candy. This is from there new scented range and smells delightful for just a day or two, while also being a really pretty light pink shade. I also added cute little red heart glitters to each nail to add a little something without being too much, so it’s safe to say that I was a big fan of these ones.

I used two different polishes from the new scented range from I Scream Nails on this one, the base is the yellow shade which is called Tropical Overload and smells of pineapple and the glitter overtop is called Give Me Tingles and smells fruity. These two are too cute together and are giving me major summer vibes, or maybe I’m just really lusting after warmer weather.

We have another I Scream Nails scented polish and this one in the shade Bubble Trouble, which smells like bubble gum and I did not like that as I don’t really enjoy the scent of bubble gum. This shade of blue is seriously pretty though, it’s perfect for spring if you ask me and I did a few purple dots because it reminded me of Scully from Monsters Inc.

Believe it or not, this purple is from the I Scream Colors scent nail range and is in the shade Badass Berry, which smells kind of like a generic grape cough syrup to me, so it’s safe to say that this one is not my favorite. I do really like the look of this purple though and it’s a shade that I don’t really have. I also did this weird marble that didn’t come out as great as I wanted it to on the accent nail.

And my last one for the month is the last one from the I Scream Nails scented range and this one is in the shade Fresh to Death, which smells like mint floss and I am not super into it honestly. I love the color of this polish but the application was terrible, it took four coats to get it looking like this which is more than I typically want to do. I do really like the accent nail with this one though, it’s not amazing or anything but it did come out kind of like I wanted it to and that makes me pretty happy.

So, those are all of the looks that I wore on my nails this month like I said above nothing too exciting but a lot of different shades and I am happy with most of them. I am also surprised with how many times I actually did my nails, it felt really good and easy so I am hoping to keep that up this month. We will see though.

What nail colors have you been rocking recently?


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