2019 · Empties

February 2019 Empties

This month I have not used up nearly as many products as I would typically and I am totally going to blame in on February being short, sure it’s only a couple of days but those days can really add up if you ask me. Either way, I am here today to have a little chit chat about the things that I have finished, so let’s dig on in.

Bliss Make Melt Remover Wipes – These have been my favorite makeup remover wipes as of recently, I am a big fan of them even though I kind of hate the way that they smell, but they don’t irritate my skin and they give me a really good clean while also being easy so I am into it.  Repurchase: Yes, I already have because I really like these.

Ulta Makeup Remover Wipes – These are the ones that I use for swatches and things like that, these go on special a lot so it’s really cheap and easy to stock up on these, I wouldn’t use them on my face though as they do irritate it a little bit, but for my arm or back of the hand it is fine. Repurchase: I already have purchased these too.

Philosophy Purity Cleanser – This is my favorite face wash of all time and I am so sad to find out that it is not cruelty-free, so that means at some point I am going to have to find a replacement for this and I am not excited. This is fantastic and really gentle though. Repurchase: I will not, but I do have a couple smaller sizes and one full size of this still so I will be making my way through those.

Cocktails & Confetti Hand Soap – This is seasonal like most BB&W hand soaps are and I am sad about that, I really loved the way that this one smelled, it has a really lovely and sweet scent that I just really enjoy. Repurchase: I probably would.

Lush Butter Bear Shower Jelly – This was a Christmas product that I used up rather quickly, I really like the smell of this one but I am not sure about the whole shower jelly thing because it’s just difficult to use. Repurchase: Maybe. I love Whoosh but I’m not sure I actually love shower jellies.

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream – This was something that I purchase some time ago and have been using for a little bit as my moisturizer as I am not too picky when it comes to moisturizers. This one was fine but nothing to jump up and down about. Repurchase: Probably not.

Kopari Save Face Oil – This was a facial oil that I used for a little while, and by little while I mean a few months until I finished it up. I heard nothing but good things about this and I can now say that it is meh to me. It didn’t bother my skin but I don’t feel like it really did much for my skin either, so with the hefty price tag I would say that I am not super jazzed on this one. Repurchase: No, it’s expensive for not doing much for me.

Brite Briteplex Mermaid Masque – You have seen this on here before I am sure, I have had a bunch of these and used them for a while, I really like them but I am excited to try out something new now that I have finished these up. Repurchase: I would at some point.

Ardell Faux Mink Wispies – I am still pretty new to lashes but I hated these, these didn’t look the slightest bit good even, they were too thick and too unnatural looking to me. I did not like these. Repurchase: No.

Revlon Kiss Balm Coconut – I have finished up another lip balm, I must be eating these or something, but seriously I use so much lip balm especially in the winter. This smelled really great and was really nice on the lips, so I liked it. Repurchase: Yes, at some point I probably would.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm – I did not finish this one off because I applied this and it lit my lips up and made them break out, I’m not sure what that was about it that did that but I did not like it. Repurchase: No.

And those are all of the products that I have used up this month, a total of eleven products which isn’t that many but I am okay with that as I am content with what I have used up. I would like to use up more this month but we will see. Anyway, these are all of the things I have finished.

What have you used up this past month?


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