February 2019 Lifestyle Favorites

Yesterday I talked all about my favorites from the month of February, those were all of my beauty related ones and like every month I am going to use this day to talk about all of the other odds and ends that I have been loving during the month of February. And I tried to keep a list of the things that I wanted to talk about this month so hopefully, this will be less scattershot than usual.

Let’s start with some shameless self-promotion by talking about how much I’ve been enjoying Instagram. I have three accounts now, my main blog one, my side one where I dump all kinds of things and lastly a lipstick a day project that I am seriously loving doing.

Mercari has been a strange and unexpected new love of mine, I downloaded the app so I could sell off some things that I’m not using, which I have done but it has turned into me buying things with the funds that are in my account. I think this is what ruined my no buy a little bit, but I’m trying to be better with it now.

The Kindle App is an endless favorite of mine but I feel like I need to bring up here and there. I have fallen behind on my reading challenge but I have been using the Kindle app on my phone a lot. I love it and it’s super convenient.

My husband and I fell into a weird youtube hole and have watched a ton of Shane Dawson videos so I figured I should mention that. We have both been really enjoying this.

Last month I talked about my favorite book I read, I only finished on if February but it was a good one and I quite liked it, it was The Name of The Wind. If you are into fantasy then you will probably enjoy this, it was really interesting.

Is it weird if I say baked potatoes? I am not sure but I’m saying it either way, I have eaten a lot of baked potatoes this month and I’m not really sure why but I am really into it at the moment.

And this is my playlist for the month of February, a really random mix but mostly throwbacks because that is what I have been listening to. I love all of these songs.

And those are all of the random things that I have been really loving during the month of February, a really random mix of things but that is kind of the point of this type of favorites post, it is a random lifestyle favorite after all.

What have you been listening to in February?


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