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Review: Lush Open Your Heart Bubble Bra

This is my last Valentines day product that I have to talk about, I know it’s a little bit late but it is the last thing that I have to talk about from the Valentines range and it is still available, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share this. Let’s just jump in and talk about this bubble bar.

This one is all about the Lush Open Your Heart Bubble Bra, which is not a typo. This bubble bra will run you $6.95 and is vegan like most Lush products are, though there are some exceptions but this is not one. This bubble bra features ingredients such as Brazillian orange oil, fair trade cocoa butter, cardamom oil, and sandalwood oil just to name a few of the ingredients in this one. A pretty interesting and good mix of things.

I think that this bubble bar is a little bit strange looking but from what I hear Madonna’s cone bra is the inspiration so taking that into account makes a whole lot of sense. Otherwise, it’s a strange little design I think.

Let’s talk about the appearance in the water, let me start by saying that Lush really needs to stop making yellow bath products, am I the only one that thinks this? Like, this one isn’t that bad but it never looks right. This one does look a little bit like you had an accident in the bathtub but it also has a creaminess to it and has the tiniest bit of shimmer to it. It’s not my favorite look but it’s not the worst either.

Now, lets talk about scent which is probably the most important thing in a bath product if you ask me, because if it smells weird I don’t really want to sit in it.

I do not have a Lush super close to me, so a lot of the time I don’t get to sniff things before I order them and I was seriously on the fence about this one, but I can say with certainty now that I actually really like this product and the way that it smells. This has a slight fruitiness to it and also this spicy scent to it, which I quite like. From what I understand this is the Golden Pear scent family and I can see that as I think Golden Pear has the same scent and I like the scent of it too. I found it really relaxing to bathe in and different from the typical scents that I enjoy. As for feeling in the bathtub, this was super moisturizing and I’m sure that’s due to the cocoa butter center that it has, so this felt amazing on the skin afterward.

I really enjoyed this bubble bar and am seriously debating picking up a few more before they leave Lush, also because spring stuff it out and as most of you might know I have no self-control especially with Lush seasonal products. We’ll see. Anyway, this was a really fantastic product and I would completely suggest giving it a sniff if you come across one in your local store because it is fantastic.

Are you excited about the spring range from Lush?


4 thoughts on “Review: Lush Open Your Heart Bubble Bra

  1. What an interesting product! I don’t have a Lush super close to me, either, so it’s nice to see the new products they get. I’m with you on their yellow products, though. The only one that gets an unrestrained pass from me is the Easter Egg bath bomb they come out with every year–and then, it’s because I love the scent and how the glitter looks on my skin. So obviously, I’m very excited for spring, just so I can get several of those.

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    1. I like Yellow and all but it just doesn’t look great in water, which you would think they could figure out. Haha. I love those too! They are out online now, I’m not sure if you saw. 🙂


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