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Brands I Want To Try in 2019

Let's start fresh!

I swear I’ve done this kind of post before and it’s very possible that I have, but I just couldn’t find it. I have cleaned up my blog a bunch of times, so it is easily very possible that this post just didn’t make the cut in the past, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done something like this in the past. Anyway, this one is about a bunch of brands that I am hoping to try this year, there are a lot of more indie brands and polish brands in this years post but that’s just how I’m feeling at the beginning of this year. Let’s get into seeing what I’m interested in.


Enchanted Polish – is first up, I really want to try this brand, I’m not sure if it’s the castle on the packaging or the fact that I’ve just heard really good things about this brand, but either way I am super interested. It probably doesn’t hurt that a lot of their polishes look really pretty too.

Cirque Colors – is up next, another nail polish brand that I am very much interested in, I keep seeing this brand on Instagram and honestly, it has caught my attention. I am also way too into nail polish again, so that for sure helps with that.

Suva Beauty – I’m not good enough with makeup to really play with this brand but I am so interested in the products that they sell and I just want to play with them, so I’m probably going to try out a few products at some point.

Melt Cosmetics – I have heard nothing but good things about this brand and have heard nothing but praise for their eyeshadow stacks, so that’s probably going to be something that I cave and do try out at some point, it’s just a matter of deciding on what I want to try.

Give Me Glow – I feel like this brand is one that I haven’t heard a ton about but I have looked into and I am super interested in their staple palette, which is probably going to be the thing that I try out because it looks stunning.

Herbal Dynamics Beauty – This is another brand that I haven’t heard a ton about either but have seen on Instagram a fair amount as of recently and I am intrigued by it now. Plus I am getting a little bit more into skincare, so that’s a thing.

YSL Beauty – This is the only thing that I am not completely sure about because it is so expensive but I might be interested in trying something from here.

Pahlish – My last polish brand on here and maybe the smallest company on here, not saying it’s small but it’s just less big than the other polish brands, I think. Either way, I am super interested in this one and will probably end up trying some polishes out.

Acure – This is a brand that I heard about from a friend and I’m interested, which goes back to the whole kind of into skincare thing that’s happening. Plus I just like the overall look of this brand.


What brands do you want to try this year?


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