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Review: Colourpop Ooh La La! Palette

Let's start fresh!

Hello there, this palette felt really appropriate for February in my opinion, because pink makes me think of February as it probably does for a lot of people. I have had this palette for a couple of months now and have been sitting on it, but figured this was the perfect time to properly review this one, so let’s just jump on in and have a little chit chat about this one.

CP Ooh Lala (1)

This one is all about the Colourpop Ooh La La! palette, this one comes with nine different shades it three different finishes and retails for $12.00, though you can often find it on sale.

This palette has a total weight of .004oz of product, which from what I can tell is more product than a lot of the twelve pan palettes that Colourpop sells, so this one for sure has some bang for your buck.

CP Ooh Lala (2)

Now, let’s talk packaging a little bit because I love doing that. Honestly, I really like the packaging of this palette, I love the hot pink and I love the simple font on it, it’s very visually pleasing without being too much to look at. I also love that it is made of hard plastic instead of cardboard like a lot of other palettes are, so it feels extra sturdy. And it has a magnetic closure which is always an added bonus if you ask me.

CP Ooh Lala (3)

I really quite like the layout of these shadows too, it makes sense, it’s very simple and it just looks really nice. I don’t think this palette feels particularly bulky either which is always nice and like I said before it is pretty sturdy feeling. So, I think that this would be an easy one to travel with if you’re really into pinks.

CP Ooh Lala (4)

Now, let’s talk formula starting with Tickled, which is a glitter basically. This one does have a fair amount of fall out and is pretty sheer, but I also think that this one is really easy to build up to be super sparkly. Soft Core is a matte, it is a little bit on the sheer side but it is really easy to build up and work with. I think this makes a fantastic crease shade and use it to soften a lot of looks I’ve done with this palette so far. Poodle is another matte shade that is very potent and strong, it’s a pretty bright kind of rose shade that is very pigmented and easy to work with. Big Sugar is a satin finish and technically a pressed pigment, meaning that it is not intended for use around the eyes, I personally have used it around the eyes and haven’t noticed any issues but be aware if you have particularly sensitive skin. I think this is a really fun and pretty bright shade. Opulent is another pressed pigment and more of a satin finish as well, this shade reminds me more of a true magenta kind of shade and it’s not my personal favorite due to the color, but it performs really well and looks nice. Sandbar is the last of the pigments and I found that this does stain a little bit on me, but usually doesn’t last longer than a day, so be aware of that. This is matte and is very bright, I find it to be very pigmented too. Trove is probably the sheerest of the matte shades but I find that it can be build up pretty well, so be aware of that. This is such a stunning kind of mauvey berry shade that I really love. Caddy is the last matte in this palette and is a really stunning berry shade that I find easy to work with, I use this in the outer corner often due to it being the darkest but it is for sure more versatile than that. Moon Struck is the last shade and is your last metallic and glitter kind of shade, like the other one it does have some fall out and is a bit on the sheer side, but I find that it can be built up pretty well and isn’t too hard to work with.


These are the fun and very pink looks that I came up using this palette, all are pretty cute I think and I am mostly happy with them. My only real complaint about this palette is that I feel like you can’t get as much of a variety out of it as some other palettes because it is all pink, but it does have a fairly good variety in the shades of pink and purple that it does have, so it’s not bad it’s just not as versatile as other palettes.

So, overall I think that it is safe to say that I quite like this palette, it’s not my all time favorite but I do think that it is a good palette. Some of the shades are a little bit harder to work with but I am still happy with how it blends and goes on, so I still like this palette and think that if you are looking for some pink in your collection than this is a great one for you.

What’s your favorite Colourpop Palette?


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