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First Impression Friday: Chaos Cosmetics Multi Chrome Pigment

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I don’t know about you guys but I have seen these all over Instagram and they always catch my eye, so I decided that I had to try them out and ordered them last month, which means after shipping and waiting around, these really cool multi-chrome pigments from Chaos Cosmetics became my next first impression Friday. I waited a couple weeks to finally try this out and now I am ready to talk about this really fun thing.

Chaos Rebel Girl (2)

This month is all about this fun little pigment from Chaos Cosmetics in the shade Rebel Girl, this retails  for $25.00 and comes with one gram of product.

Let’s start this out the way that I start out all first impressions and reviews and that’s by talking about the packaging. The packaging on this is very simple and very much straightforward, it’s just a tiny clear jar with a sifter in it and a lightning bolt printed on the jar lid, I like it fine but it’s nothing exciting either.

Chaos Rebel Girl (3)

The sifter in this is pretty nice in this, a fair amount of product comes out with this. The only problem that I kind of have with this is that this gets everywhere, but that is kind of the problem with pigments in general.

So, enough about that, lets’ dive into talking about the formula and look of this pigment.

This is actually sheerer than I expected it to be when I first applied it but it can be built up pretty well, I do want to mess with other bases and primers to see how it goes. I did find that I had a tiny bit of fallout with this one but once again, it is a loose pigment so that isn’t really that shocking. This blends really well from what I can tell, I didn’t blend it out too much. I will say, it performs really well as a and eyeshadow but I was super disappointed in it as a multi-chrome, I just don’t think it shifted colors as much as I was expecting it to, I was expecting a major shift of colors but it just didn’t give me that and it was a huge let down.

I think this is a product that just doesn’t photograph super well in a single shot, it is a really pretty shade and it’s really interesting to look at but it does not photograph well at all.  I am happy with how this turned out as a look.

So, overall this is the first impression but I was not super impressed by this, it is really pretty and somewhat interesting, but it’s not as amazing and shifty as I expected it to be, I’m not sure if I didn’t apply it right or what, but I will for sure be playing with this more. It’s still pretty and I will use it, I just wasn’t super impressed with how it shifted.

Have you seen these pigments before?


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