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Try It Tuesday: Emily De Molly

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I mentioned this brand in my Etsy finds post last month and am talking about these polishes this month, this is something that I am trying to do now this year, try something from my last Etsy finds post instead of just coming out of left field with it, so today is all about Emily de Molly which you can find the Esty store here and their website here. So, lets just jump right on in and chit chat about this brand.

Tri It Tuesday Emily De Molly (1)

Let me start by saying that I know this is usually about Etsy shops, and this brand does have an Etsy shop, but personally, I ordered from their website due to the fact that a couple of the polishes I wanted wouldn’t ship to my area on their Etsy page. I’m not sure why but they were able to ship to me from their website so that’s just the route that I used.

Let me talk about the packaging for a moment, because as we all know, I like to talk about packaging. I’m just a sucker for packaging really. I loved the boxes these came in, I think they look really nice and clean, which is something that I enjoy, they just look peaceful as insane as that might sound. As for the bottles, they are fine, nothing exciting but nothing bad either.

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I purchase three very different shades, the first was a magnetic polish in the shade Seventh Seal which is a pretty dark teal and this one ran me $11.50. I got a stunning multichrome polish in the shade Sea of Lies which ran me $11.00 and the last one I picked up is a thermal polish in the shade High Contrast which ran me $10.00. Now, let’s talk formulas and wear of these.

I want to start by saying that I am very impressed by the wear of all three of these polishes, I found that they stayed on my nails for probably four or five days before they started chipping which was really impressive to me.  Now, let me break it down a little bit polish by polish, starting with Seventh Seal which is the magnetic polish. This did not end up looking as good as I wanted it to but I think that’s because my magnet wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be. This was opaque in one coat basically though and even without the magnetic effect it’s really pretty. Sea of Lies is up next and is a stunning shade that I could not get a great photo of, I can never get multi/duochrome shots that look as cool as they do in person. This one shifts between blue, purple and kind of pink, it’s stunning. I think I got a fantastic shot of our last one, which is High Contrast and obviously, this is thermal, this goes between a bright pink and purple and it’s very pretty and also very girly if you ask me. I am a big fan.

So, overall I really like this brand and am super happy with my choice to try this brand and I may have placed a second order after purchasing this little set of nails, because as we all know, I have zero self-control but at the same time I think that really speaks for how much I enjoyed these polishes and how good I think they are.

What’s your favorite indie nail polish brand?


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