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Review: Lush Eggplant Bath Bomb

Let's start fresh!

Yesterday we got cheeky with the Peachy bath bomb and today we are talking about Eggplant. I spent far too long trying to come up with something clever for this one and in the end, I did not come up with anything so it’s just a standard review for the purple bath bomb. Let’s dive right on into it.

Eggplant (1)The Eggplant bath bomb is from the Lush Valentines 2019 range and is the first time that it’s been out. This bath bomb will run you $6.95 and this big boy is vegan, like most Lush products.

This bath bomb features lots of different ingredients such as bergamot oil, ho wood oil tonka absolute to name a few.

Eggplant (2)

This bath bomb is really cute, it looks like a little eggplant like you would probably expect by the name. I love the colors of this, I think it’s really cute and a nice mix of purple and green.

When you throw this in the water it has a surprise in the middle, the middle is blue which you may be able to see a little bit in the photo here. This one was quite pretty in the bathtub, it had swirls of purple, blue and green which left the bath water a pretty deep purple shade that you will see below.

Eggplant (3)Now, let’s talk about this once it hits the water. This was a pretty average fizzer, it didn’t linger for too long. This smells powdery at first, which I hated because I do not like powdery scents but I found that went away fairly quickly and settled into a more sweet and non-descript scent. My nose might not be the best sniffer but I also think that this didn’t think that this smelled like anything in particular.

I think that this one was really pretty in the water, I liked the swirls of purples and blues that this one had, I like the color that it ended up being which is almost like a grape/really dark periwinkle shade, which you can see to the left. I think this felt really nice in the water though nothing really that different from most standard Lush bath bombs, but it always has that pampering feel to it.

So, overall I like this bath bomb, it’s not my favorite of all time and I think it’s very cute, but the scent isn’t really one that lingers or sticks out to me and the feel in the water wasn’t anything special, so I’m not sure that I would pick up another one of these.


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