Valentines Day 2019

valentines coctails (1)

I decided to do something a little bit different and fun, so today I have come up with three Valentine’s Themed cocktails to share with you guys. I also have a fun little surprise at the end that I thought would be more fun than it was, but I still wanted to share it anyway. So, let’s dive right in and have a little chit chat about some really easy and simple drinks.

valentines day drinks (1)

First drink is really simple, but really all of them are simple as I don’t make cocktails and am not fancy, but anyway, this one is a mix of lemonade, about a shot of vodka and just enough grenadine to turn the bottom of this red. I can’t lie, I really love how grenadine sinks to the bottom, it just makes drinks look so much more interesting. This one basically tasted of vodka and lemonade but I’m alright with that.

valentines day drinks (2)

Drink number two started with a red sugared rim to make it more interesting and ended with a mix of watermelon lemonade and prosecco. I did half and half and it was really tasty, like a bubbly watermelon lemonade.

valentines day drinks (3)

This last one might be the strangest of all. This is a mimosa shot as my husband named it and made it. This is half fresh squeezed orange juice and half prosecco, with a dash of honey and a clementine slice in it. It was pretty good though I would for sure skip of the slice of clementine if I were you.

valentines day drinks (4)

Now it is time for the surprise, I drank all of these drinks and then some, so it’s safe to say that I may have been a tiny bit drunk and I decided to do my makeup. In hindsight, I think this would have been way more entertaining to record but I am not sure that I am into doing videos. This look also came out a lot better than I expected, it was even my favorite face from last month.

So, this was just a fun little post that wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be since the makeup wasn’t as entertaining as it could have been, though I must say I am pretty impressed with myself. Maybe next time I’ll have to drink a little more, who knows. Anyway, hopefully, you guys enjoyed this, and if not then oopsie, we just won’t talk about this one.

What’s your favorite drink?


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valentines coctails (2)


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