January 2019 Nail Wrap Up

january nail wrap (1)

Hello! It is time to talk about all of the manis that I wore last month, the good and the bad. I wore a total of five and am feeling like I am getting into a good groove and really loving nail polish again, I have always loved painting my nails and still do, but I have been especially into it as of recently. Anyway, let’s just dive in and check out all the pretty things.


The first polish I am going to share with you guys is from the brand Emily De Molly, which I did feature in last months Etsy finds. I was really excited to try out this brand and will be going more in depths on my thoughts of this brand later this month. For now, let me just say that I really enjoyed wearing this, I love a nice thermal in the winter especially and these two colors are so pretty.

Manicure #2 features another thermal polish that I rather enjoyed as well, I also thought that this one lasted really well on the nails which are always a huge bonus if you ask me. I change my nail polish a bunch but I also like having one that lasts well. This color is stunning in all of its shades and the glitter in it is a really lovely addition, it’s in the shade Copper Painted Sky from Pop Nails on Etsy.

january 2019 3 - kl polish marshmellow sunset

Up next is my attempt at nail art this month, I won’t say what my accent nail was supposed to be but I will say that it did not end up looking like it was supposed to. The white on the rest of my fingers is Marshmallow Sunset from KL Polish and I used a bunch of different polishes on my accent nail. While it looks a little crazy I really like the look of it, it’s fun and super easy.

january 2019 2 - pop watermelon bubbleslick

I took far too many photos of this one trying to catch how interesting it was and this still doesn’t do it justice. This is the shade Watermelon Bubbleslick from Pop Nail Polish on Etsy. This shade is stunning and super interesting, it shifts between green, pink and gold, it’s really lovely and super interesting to look at in person.

january 2019 1 - kl polish

My last polish is from KL Polish in the shade Matanzas, which is a really lovely darker blue shade with shimmer to it. This shade is stunning and feels very much like January to me, which is probably why I wore this at the beginning of the month.

And those are all of the nail looks that I wore during the month of January, nothing too out there but I am trying to dabble with some things again and am really enjoying wearing nail polish, which I probably said last month too. It’s still true though. These are all great polishes and I would recommend any of them if you like the look, they all last well and are just pretty, it’s as simple as that.

What are some of your favorite nail colors for February?


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january nail wrap (2)


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