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January 2019 Empties

january 2019 empties (1)

I had been having a few months of really great progress in terms of using up products and then last month it felt like I had failed, though I knew that was going to happen eventually, there was no way I would be able to keep up using more and more product. So, it was inevitable but this month I feel like I have gotten back into a pretty good groove and have used up quite a bit, so let me just get into to chatting about all of the products I have used up.

january 2019 empties (1)

Walgreens Nail Polish Remover Pads – These are just the regular ones and I think this is my second pack of these. I have mixed feelings about these because they feel really wasteful but in a pinch they are nice to have, they are very saturated and very much easy to use. Repurchase: I might, it depends on how I’m feeling the next time I’m in  Walgreens.

Mac Strobe Cream – Is a well-loved product by me, I have loved it since I first tried it although I do find myself falling in and out of love with this one mostly because I use it for a while and then feel like it isn’t doing much and I put it away. But, I do really like this product as it makes my skin look super glowy and delightful. Repurchase: Maybe, I am on the fence because technically Mac is not a full cruelty-free brand as from what I understand they sell in China where it is required. I’m just not sure if that is something I will support or not.

Up & Up Biotin – This is not an exciting thing as it is just biotin which I take from time to time and I recently finished up so I figured I would share it. Repruchase: Probably at some point.

Benefit The Porefessional – This primer has been a favorite of mine since I first tried it and I find that a little goes a long way, so these little tubes end up lasting me longer than I would expect but I have finished one and have a couple more to get through. Repurchase: I for sure will.

NYX Makeup Sponge – I hate this, I used this a handful of times and just did not like it one bit. It never got soft enough and it just didn’t feel good, so this is one that I would pass on. Repurchase: No way.

Ulta Cranberry + Pomegranate Lip Oil – I think everyone already knows how I feel about this one because I talk about it far too often, but just in case you don’t, I love this stuff. It smells amazing, does great things for my lips and leaves my lips super glossy. Repurchase: I do already have another one I am working on.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy – This is in my project pan for the year and yes, I can really work my way through a lip balm at work, it’s almost impressive and also a little bit insane. I did not like this one because of the smell, the smell was weird and seriously bothered me, if  it had a different smell I would have probably loved it because it does do a fantastic job at moisturizing. Repurchase: I will not be repurchasing this one.

january 2019 empties (2)

Lush Bubbly Shower Gel  – I am so sad that they didn’t bring this back in the last Christmas range, this and celebrate lotion are some of my favorites, they smell amazing and I love it so. I really hope they bring back both products this year because I need them. Repruchase: Yes, yes I would.

Bath & Body Works ‘Tis The Season Foaming Hand Soap – This is my all-time favorite holiday scent, it smells like cinnamon, apples and a touch of pine which just feels like the perfect combination of things and is a really fantastic one. However, after the Holiday season is over I am always weirdly tired of this scent and tuck everything I have left in this scent away for the next year. Repurchase: I am sure that I will.

Love, Beauty & Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Deodorant – This was really odd to me because it felt really wet, it was surprising for sure. I did love the smell of this and I did also enjoy the fact that this is probably better for me than regular deodorant. Repurchase: I might.

The Body Shop Body Butters in Peach & Mango – Technically these are not finished but they are almost, I have had these for too long and they don’t smell as potent as they once did and they smell a little bit off, so I figured it was time to let these ones go. Repurchase: Maybe, I have other lotion to finish up before I can even think about picking up more.

january 2019 empties (3)

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water in Waterproof – It took me a long time to actually finish this one up, a little bit goes a long way with it but I have finally used this up and I am weird glad to see this go. I have such weird mixed feelings about this, I think it does a great job at removing my makeup but it does leave my face feeling a little bit greasy which I do not like. Repurchase: Maybe.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads – I was really excited about these and at first, I loved these, but towards the end, I wasn’t really sure they were doing much for my skin. I did finish these but like I said, I don’t think they were for me as I stopped using them and my skin is doing better, not that it was terrible while using these just a little bit worse. Repurchase: No, I would not.

Sebastian Potion 9 Light – This is a mini size and claims to do a lot of different things, though I knew there was no way it was going to be able to do all of the things it claimed and I was right about that. This was an okay product but nothing to jump up and down about if you ask me, though it did tame my frizz some and that is always nice. Repurchase: No.

Ulta Facial Cleansing Wipes – These I use exclusively for swatches, they do fine on the face but sometimes they irritate my face, so that means I typically avoid using these for that purpose. I like these for swatches because they are affordable and often on special, which is an added bonus. Repurchase: I already have another package.

january 2019 empties (4)

Herbal Essence White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint Shampoo & Conditioner – I know, a new set of hair washing products, who am I? A person who’s hair stylist suggested switching it up and I’ve decided to listen. So, I am trying to switch up my hair care a lot more, or at least my shampoo and conditioner. I really enjoyed using this set, I think they smelled really nice and left my hair feeling rather nice. Repurchase: Yes, at some point.

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner – This is a product that is well loved by me and most people probably know that at this point, so I won’t go on too much about this fantastic leave in. Repurchase: Probably, I am debating trying another just to try something and to keep with this switching up hair products thing.

Brite Briteplex Mermaid Hair Masque – This has been a favorite of mine for a little while and I still really like this, I use it once a week, sometimes twice and it does great things for my hair I think. I do hate the packaging but I am willing to look past that for a great product. Repurchase: I have one more to get through.

And those are all of my empties from January, I think I did a pretty great job at using products up seeing as I finished up twenty products, some full size and some sample size, but either way they count and I am always excited to finish something up because that means it’s time to try something new.

Have you finished up anything amazing this month?


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january 2019 empties (2)


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