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January 2019 Lifestyle Favorites

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I told you I would be back today to talk about the rest of my favorites, this is a back to back weekend of favorites, which is pretty fun if you ask me. So, today is all about all of the things that I have loved in January that just didn’t fit into the beauty category, so let’s just jump right on in.

I want to start out by saying that I will never ever remember to be organized enough to make a list of potential things that I want to talk about, so I will miss things and forget about things for sure, but first I decided I wanted to mention my favorite book that I read this month. January is hands down My Squirrel Days by Ellie Kemper, this one was very funny and very entertaining, so it’s safe to say I really loved this one.

I’ve been really enjoying working out again when I remember to do it, though I hate my hair getting sweaty so much, but anyway it’s been nice and I think it’s helping me out. I have enjoyed it so much so that I am debating a gym membership but I am also not sure.

Now, naturally after talking about something that is good for me I have to talk about something that I know is terrible for me and that is cotton candy. I’m not sure how this happened entirely but one evening of browsing through Amazon has made me discover that you can buy small bags of fluffy stuff cotton candy and now I have eaten far too much of it, so that is a thing.

To continue on with some terrible habits, can I mention chick-fil-a which I have eaten far too much of in the past two weeks but it has been delicious.

I have been seriously loving my crockpot as it has made it super easy to eat somewhat better with very little effort, which is always nice. I was also gifted one with a timer for Christmas, so that makes it extra great because it just turns itself off and keeps it warm until I get home.

I have fallen back into the terrible hole that is song pop. I am obsessed with it once again, I play it too much and I am really pretty good at it, which is a completely useless skill to have.


And that is my playlist for the month, some really great throwbacks because that is another thing that I have been super into, creating kind of throwback playlists and it has been super fun.

Those are all of my super fun and unexciting favorites that I wanted to share this month, a good and weird mix of things I think. And like always, I am going to try and keep a better list of potential things so it doesn’t sound too slapped together.

What are some random things you have been loving this past month?


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