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Review: Lush Love Boat Review

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It is time to kick of Valentine’s Day products from Lush, I have a few that I will be reviewing over the next month but I am starting with Love Boat. I am super excited about the Valentine’s Range this year, there were a lot of products that have caught my eye and I will be trying out most of them, there are a few that I am not interested in but that’s not different from any other Lush collection. So, let’s dive right on in.

lush loveboat (1)

This is the Love Boat bath bomb and this little one will run you $6.95, a pretty average price for Lush bath bombs I think. This bath bomb is Vegan, as most Lush products are, and features some really lovely ingredients such as Sicilian Lemon Oil, Organic Sweet Orange Oil, and Rose Oil just name a few, which blends into a very lovely fragrance.

lush loveboat (2)

This fragrance smells delightful, this for sure has a citrus fruity type of scent to it. It’s a very sweet one too, which is right up my alley but I know isn’t for everyone. I will say, once this hit the water I was a little bit disappointed because the fragrance wasn’t as strong as I had hoped it would be but it was still there, just a little bit fainter. I find that some bath bombs just don’t smell as potent in the water as you might think.

lush loveboat (3)

I will say that the show in the water was really nice, this bath bomb floated on the water like an actual boat would for a little bit and I thought that was really cool. This also fizzled out into beautiful streaks of blue and pink, along with a tiny ting of surprise yellow to it which I liked the look of. It was a really fun one to watch. This one also felt pretty nice in the water, very moisturizing and relaxing. In fact, I nearly busted my bottom the next day when I got into the shower because it has left so much oil behind, so beware of that if you have a tub shower combo.

Overall, I really liked this bath bomb, I passed on it last year because I thought it would smell floral but it does not, so this was a big hit for me. I think this is also a fantastic way to kick off the Valentines day selection.

Are you excited for the Valentines Day range?


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