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Dupe: Beauty Bakerie vs Physicians Formula Lip Gloss

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It’s Dupe Day, which sounds an awful lot like Tuesday, so basically what I am saying is it’s Tuesday and I’m trying to make it sound more interesting by calling it Dupe Day. For the dupe this month I will be putting two sparkly lipgloss/toppers up against each other and seeing how they shape up, will they be dupes? Maybe, let’s dive right in to find out.

dupe beauty bakerie physicians formula (1)

Up today to be duped is the Physicians Formula Lip Topper which came out with a set of mini liquid lipstick during the holiday season, so it’s not the easiest thing to get your hands on. It is up against the Beauty Bakerie lip gloss in the shade Enchanted Jelly. These are different price points for sure, one is super hard to find and I’m mostly doing this because if you don’t already have the lip topper, I thought it might be nice to be able to have a dupe. So let’s find out if these two are close enough to be called dupes.

dupe beauty bakerie physicians formula (2)

I want to talk a little bit about the packaging because I always do, even though very rarely are they dupes. These do not look anything alike, the Beauty Bakerie one is round and has an interesting pattern to it, plus it has the added pop of teal for the handle. The Physicians Formula one is square and more bulky for sure, I also don’t like the handle of it at all because it collects fingerprints like nobodies business. The applicators are basically the same though, which is nice because I actually really prefer these as they make it really easy to go wide and to line.

dupe beauty bakerie physicians formula (3)

Let’s talk about color and formula, right off the bat these two do not look like dupes, mostly because one is really easy to see and one is a clear gloss with some glitter in it. The top is the Physicians Formula lip topper, which is for sure thicker and swatches a lot more opaque than the Beauty Bakerie One. I don’t actually love this formula of this because I find it too thick and a little bit too sticky, it’s just not my favorite. This one does come with a good amount of color payoff for a lip topper.

dupe beauty bakerie physicians formula (4)

The Beauty Bakerie one has the formula that I prefer, I like that it’s thinner and more gloss like. I don’t find it to be overly sticky and honestly, the fact that it does have faint bits of glitter in it makes it more appealing and more wearable to me.

Now, the real question about these two products is do I think they are dupes? Kind of. You can see them on my lips above and I can’t tell much of a difference, I also couldn’t tell much of a difference in appearance in person. The biggest difference is that the Beauty Bakerie gloss does have faint glitter in it and it just overall feels better to me.

So, in conclusion, I don’t think that you actually really need to own both of these, maybe it makes more of a difference if you wear them over top of other colors buy by themselves I do not really notice much of a difference and would not go for owning both.

What are some dupes you want to see me do in the future?


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