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Review: The Emily Edit The Wants Palette

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I didn’t buy this palette at first, I love Emily Noel but I wasn’t sure that it was something that I needed in my collection, then I started seeing people talk about it and creating looks with it, so I knew I had to have it. At this point, though they were all sold out and gone, so I waited patiently and ended up getting it with the second release and I was super excited to do so, so because of that I didn’t want to sit on it for too long and I plan to talk about it today, so let’s dive right on in.

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This one is all about The Emily Edit The Wants Eyeshadow Palette, which is a collaboration with Makeup Revolution and is currently available for $20.00. You get a total twenty-four shadows that come in at a total of 1.05oz, which means you are paying about $19.05 per ounce of product, which I think is a fantastic price. This comes with a really nice amount of product as well, which is another thing that I really quite like.

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Now, to talk about the packaging a little bit, which you can see in the photo above and to the right. The packaging is not my favorite, it’s not bad but I don’t love it. I do like the color and the simple lettering on it, but I do not like how it feels on the cheaper side of things and the size of it, it seems unnecessarily large. I like the layout of the palette on the inside though, it’s a little bit random but at the same time it makes sense, so I am happy with it. Though I do not like the spacing, I always feel like these things could be closer.

emily noel palette (4)

Let’s talk about the colors, starting from the top and going left to right, which means first up is The Cream which feels exactly like you would expect, your typical cream shade in any palette. Hobby is a matte cooler toned brown shade. Prayer is another matte, this one is almost a red clay kind of matte. Grateful is a really pretty green shimmer that leans a bit more towards the yellow side of things. Good Vibes is a really stunning shimmery red shade, it’s very vibrant. Side Hustle is a great shimmery moss shade. Midwest is that typical crease shade that is a little bit sheer. Dues Paids honestly looks a lot like Prayer, but a little bit more orange, just a tad. Eve Rose is one of my favorite shades, it’s a really pretty light shimmery pink with a slight shift to it. Belle Violet is a light purple shimmer, nothing too exciting. Capricorn is a deep almost matte brown shade that leans to the cooler side of things. Pi Phi is a lovely dark rose kind of shade that is matte and a little too sheer for my liking.

emily noel palette (5)

Oh Heavens! is your highlight shade, it’s very light and very shimmery. Love Tons is a matte red shade that is a little bit sheer. Pizzaz is one of my favorite shades, it’s a mid-toned kind of shimmer red shade. Family is a matte dark purple shade that swatches fairly sheer. Top Story is a stunning bronzy gold shade that I am in love with. Apartment is a darker kind of slightly warmer matte brown. Cupcake is pretty much a satin finish, it’s peachy and it’s a little bit chalky. Laughcry is a really bright matte peach shade. Cheer is a really stunning shade, it’s a matte red that is just nice to look at. Corduroy is a stunning matte emerald kind of shade. Dark & Early is that black matte shade in every palette that I probably won’t use because it’s not dark enough nor black enough for me personally. Plus I’m never sure what to do with it.


These are the three looks that I came up with using this palette, some really fun looks as I have really been into a lot of color as of recently. But, what I really want to do right now is talk a little bit about the formulas, I talked about the mattes being sheer a lot but the mattes in this palette actually have the best formula I think. They do kick up some and they are a little bit sheer, but they are very buildable and blendable, which makes them very easy to work with. The shimmers, on the other hand, are not my favorite, I had a really hard time trying to build them up in color and I’m not sure that they even look shimmery still. I haven’t tried wetting them, because that is not my favorite thing to do but I might give that a shot and update you guys if that works better.

Overall, I like this palette, I’m not blown away by this palette but I am not mad at it either, it’s just okay to me. I do really like the color selection, I think it’s interesting and different while still being easy to use and you can create really wearable looks. I just think that the shimmers fall a little flat for me which really brings the whole thing down.

What did you think of this palette?


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