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First Impression Friday: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid

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Hello Friday! It’s time for the weekend and I am always excited about the weekend, but anyway today is first impression Friday and this month I have decided to talk about a highlighter that has been in my to be reviewed pile for far too long at this point. I am very excited about finally getting around to this because I have heard nothing but good things about this product, so let’s just dive right on in.

first impression friday - becca liquid highlighter (2)Today is all about the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid in the shade Pearl, which is a serious mouthful. This product will run you $41.00 for 1.7oz of product, which comes out to around $24.12 per ounce which is a pretty good price I think. I do wish that this product came in smaller sizes though because this is a lot of product and I am not sure if I will ever be able to get through the full size of this, so it would be nice if they offered a smaller size for a more affordable price.

first impression friday - becca liquid highlighter (3)Now, let’s talk a little bit about the packaging of this one. I am not excited by this packaging, I’m not angry about it either but it just feels like it falls flat. This is a matte plastic container with a black lid, it’s just not exciting. I do like the pump on this product though, I think it a really nice one and gives a nice amount of control, which is especially nice with this product because you don’t really want to pump out too much of this stuff, a little goes a long way with this product.

first impression friday - becca liquid highlighter (4)Now, it’s time to talk about the actual product, this stuff is really thick which was a little bit surprising to me. I think a little bit of this goes a long way for sure, like this glob on my hand here was far too much but this was the first time that I used it so I didn’t have a good feel for it at the time. I have used this one other time after and got a better feel of the right amount to use. Anyway, yes, a little bit goes a long way and I found this really easy to blend out and thin out, so if you are looking for a little less of a blinding highlight this can be toned down though I have not found a way to make it more subtle. I also love how light of a highlighter this is and how neutral it looks, this is perfect with most looks I think.

It is safe to say that I really like this product and for sure can see myself using this in the future, it’s a really fantastic product and it’s easy to use. I do think the price is pretty steep but you do get a lot of product, which is nice but at the same time most people probably aren’t going to be able to finish up a cream highlighter this size so that’s my only real problem with this.

What’s your favorite highlighter?


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