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Review: Lime Crime 10th Birthday Eyeshadow Palette

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This is a palette that I wasn’t going to buy, I kept hearing such mixed things about it and nothing seemed consistent so I wasn’t going to buy it, then it went on sale last month and I lost all of my sense, meaning I purchased it. Last month was just a lot of lost self-control, but I’m trying to bounce back from it. Anyway, that’s not what today’s post is about, today is all about this bright and colorful little palette that I may or may not have needed to purchase, but it is in my hands now so I thought I would share some thoughts with you guys.

lime crime birthday (2)

Today is all about the Lime Crime 10th Birthday Eyeshadow Palette that is limited edition but is still available as of right now. This palette will run you $44.00 and comes with twelve different shades, which comes out to be about $3.67 per eyeshadow. Not too terrible I think this palette is a little bit on the small side but that’s not that big of a deal for me because I did get it on sale, but full price it seems a little bit overpriced.

lime crime birthday (3)

Now, let’s talk about the packaging because that’s what I like to do. I think the packaging is cute and very much Lime Crime and true to the brand. I think the quality of the packaging is fine, it’s really standard cardboard packaging so it doesn’t feel nice nor does it feel bad, it’s just kind of is. I do like the layout of the eyeshadows though, they make sense in the order that they are in but it is also laid out in a way that I don’t think is too obvious.

lime crime birthday (4)

Now for some swatches, starting with Rose Burst which is a lovely and super shimmery pink shade. Frosting is a really pretty bright pink with a little sparkle to it. RSVP is a really lovely coral shade. Ten is a really bright orange shade that looks matte but I don’t think it is completely. Blue Sky is not super pigmented and very shimmery. Grass is another one that looks matte but I do think that it has a tiny bit of shimmer to it. Candles is a really light shimmer gold kind of shade. Cloud is a barely noticeable shimmer white shade. Twonicorn is a really light purple shimmer shade with a slightly blue shift to it. Lime Crime is a lime shade with some glitter in it. Libra is a really bright pink that leans a bit blue and is also matte, though I don’t think it is completely. Wrapped is the last shade and it’s a navy shade with a slight shimmer to it.

Now let’s talk about the formula a little bit, I actually quite like the formula of these and I think on the lids these performed a lot better than they swatched. I wasn’t expecting too much so I was pretty surprised. The only real complaints I have are that some of the shades are just really sheer and that pretty much everything has a lot of shimmer to it which I do not like. Don’t get me wrong, I love shimmer and glitter as you might know, even though I don’t always flaunt it, but sometimes I want a matte to mix in so that wasn’t the easiest when coming up with looks. Other than these two things, I found that these were fairly pigmented, easy to blend and work with and just looked goo overall.

It’s safe to say that I was surprised by this eyeshadow palette because I hadn’t heard the greatest things, but it turned out being a lot better than expected. I am not sure if I would recommend this full price but if you catch it on sale it is a fun and bright palette to own.

What’s your favorite colorful eyeshadow palette?


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