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Revisit: Nars Dolce Vita

hello to san francisco!

It is time for my first revisit post of the year and one that isn’t about an eyeshadow palette, this one is all about the Nars Dolce Vita shade. I couldn’t decide between revisiting the lipstick or the blush, so I figured why not both? Plus that means I won’t have to bore you guys with two shorter posts about each one. I also recently went through and cleaned up the blog a little bit, but that also reminded me of so past loved products and reviewed products that I am going to revisit, so that gives me plenty of content for this series for the year and it’s not all eyeshadow palettes, which I personally think is exciting. Enough rambling, let’s get into talking all about the Nars Dolce Vita shade.

revisit dolce (1)

Alright, let’s chat about the packaging of these two first, both are very classic Nars and I have the same problem with both of them, they are matte and black. This means that every little fingerprint shows up on them and that is a bit irritating. While Nars packaging is very sleek, that feature really takes away from it because while it looks sleek it also looks dirty and there is no way around that one.

revisit dolce (2)

This is hands down one of my favorite shades from any cosmetic brands, seriously, I have a few different products in the shade and all of them are so flattering and very pretty on the skin, it’s just a lovely mauvey kind of shade. So, it is very much safe to say that this is a color that I love and would probably buy in the other products that I do not have.

revisit dolce vita (1)

Up first I am going to talk about the blush, I debated just doing swatches but decided against it and instead figured I would share what it looks like applied on the skin.

I love the way this blush applies and they way it looks, it is very much pigmented so it is a blush that you will want to use a lighter hand with and make sure to tap off the excess. If you don’t it might go on a little bit clown-like.

The plus side to this is that it can be built up a lot if that is the look you are going for, which is always nice.

I really love the way this looks on the skin, it gives me a really nice flushed kind of natural look the way that I apply it and I am still a really big fan of that. I also think that the lasting power on this is really nice.

revisit dolce vita (2)

Now to talk about the lipstick, this application isn’t the most accurate because I did have a little bit of concealer on my lips, I probably should have retaken it but here I am, sharing it with you guys.

I love this lipstick, it is such an easy shade to just throw on with any look and it’s super creamy and comfortable, it’s something that I am a big fan of.

I do not think much has changed since I originally tried these products out, I still love them and think that both are the perform really well. I especially love the lipstick, it is a bit pricey but it is such a comfortable and easy to wear shade that I think it’s hard not to love it. So, with the exception of the packaging getting dirty really easy and being annoying because of that, I think these two are nearly perfect products.

What’s your favorite Nars product?


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