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Face Mask Friday: Sephora Green Tea Sheet Mask

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It is face mask Friday which is always fun, I love writing these because I enjoy face masks and it makes me slow down and take time to do it, which is why I think I should do face mask Fridays more often, but I’m still unsure. Anyway, this month is all about a sheet mask and i am super excited to chat about it, so let’s get right on into it.

face mask friday sephora mask (1)This one is all about the Sephora Green Tea Face Mask which is a sheet mask and will run you $6.00, which feels pretty average though I do think it’s a little much for a single use face mask it’s not really out there either.

I do want to talk about the packaging a little bit because I always talk about packaging, this one isn’t exciting but is pretty standard. It’s nearly a circle, I like the green shade and it’s exactly what you would expect a sheet mask to come in.

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This was probably the second time that I put a sheet mask on so it is safe to say that I may not have put it on the best but that is something we can’t worry about now. I also find it really weird everytime I put on a sheet mask, like I look like some weird person wearing a second skin but it does great things for my skin so I try not to pay too much attention to it.

Anyway, it’s time to talk about the actual sheet mask. I think the mask itself is a little bit too large for my face but I can make it work and it does get on there.

I didn’t notice too much of a scent, it was there but it wasn’t anything too noticeable which is nice. I didn’t find this to be too wet like some other masks, which I do prefer because I don’t like it when there is a ton of extra liquid in the pack. I think this is probably a me thing and I probably needed to take it off a bit sooner, but this was a little itchy while I was wearing it but it didn’t leave my skin looking irritated, it was just a little bit itchy after taking it off. I didn’t find this to do much of anything for my skin though, which was really disappointing, I was expecting some mattifying or calming the slight bit of redness at least.

So, it is safe to say that for me personally, this was a fail. I just don’t think this mix was made for my skin, and while it didn’t irritate my skin that much, I think it just didn’t vibe with my skin. So, I did not like it but I also don’t see any reason to tell you guys to avoid this one, you might like it.

What’s your favorite sheet mask?


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