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Influenster: L’Oreal VoxBox

influenster_ l'oreal voxbox

Hello there, I was recently sent some of the new L’Oreal Rouge Lip Stain from Influenster for free to test out so I figured I would try them out and review them on the blog today. I was sent three different shades, a pink nude, a more peachy nude and a really classic red shade. So, let’s just dive on in and talk about these new lippies.

influenster l'oreal (2)These are the L’Oreal Rouge Lip Stains, they are currently available and will run you $9.99 each. These come with 0.23oz of product which comes down to about $43.44 per oz, which isn’t too terrible I don’t think.

The three shades that I have to talk about today are the shades I Create, I Create and I Am Worth It. I think the names are cute and I like them, the rest of the names go along with the same theming as you would probably expect.

influenster l'oreal (3)Let’s start by talking about the packaging as I always like to start with that. I actually really like this packaging and think this looks really nice, the tube itself is matte and the black handle is as well, plus a really nice touch is the gold accent with the name. These don’t really feel cheap either so I think L’Oreal is really stepping up their game with the packaging.

influenster l'oreal (4)I also forgot to mention the applicator, it has one of these fancy ones that I do not know the proper name of but it’s really helpful for getting the perfect line.

Now, time to talk about the formula, I know this is a stain but for some reason, I did not expect this to be as thin as it is. I quite like the texture as I really like lip products that are thin, I find that they are more comfortable usually and they last longer, which I also guess is why it’s called a stain.

These apply really easily and are a lot less pigmented than I thought they would be but once again I don’t mind that, I kind of love that. I have been really into products lately that go on really sheer but can also be built up if I am looking for something brighter or more vibrant. This does look a little glossy in a couple of these but I will assure you that these do dry down, and of course, they do leave a light stain on the lips which are another feature that I like because once it wears off it looks a lot more natural.

I do quite like these, I have only worn them a few times so of course, my opinion can change but as of right now I like these and surprisingly enough the red shade is my favorite, it’s really sheer and it’s a nice and bright step out of my comfort zone. So, I would for sure recommend these.

What are some new releases you are excited for?


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*I did receive these products for free through Influenster but these opinions are my own.
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