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Try it Tuesday: Mazzie Cosmetics

try it tuesday_ mazzie cosmetics

It’s time for one of my favorite posts to write every month, I love looking through Etsy and sharing my finds but I especially love purchasing something that I have been eyeing and then talking about it on here, it’s just always really fun. So, today I am talking about some really fun and pretty loose pigments from Mazzie Cosmetics over on Etsy, so let’s just jump right on into talking about these pigments.

try it tuesday mazzie cosmetics (1)This month is all about MazzieCosmetics over on Etsy, which is and Etsy shop that sells pigments, eyeshadows and blushes. They had such fun colors that I knew I was going to have to try a few, so I placed an order for four eyeshadow pigments.  I thought that was a good amount to be able to test out various different shades and a couple different formulas while also not being too much, because I tend to do that too much.

try it tuesday mazzie cosmetics (2)

The only slight regret that I have with my choices is that I didn’t really think about how these colors would go together, which they don’t have to but for the sake of this review I wanted to do a look with just these eyeshadows, so it didn’t end up quite looking like I wanted but it’s not terrible either.

Each of these loose pigments will run you $6.00 for 10 grams of product, which I think it’s a pretty good deal considering there is no way I’m ever going to fully use one of these up. I also want to talk about the packaging for a minute, I quite like it, it’s really simple but it’s still nice. Each pot has it’s very own sticker and the jars themselves are fairly sturdy and have pretty nice sifters, though pigment does get a little bit everywhere but I think that’s just something that happens with pigments typically.

try it tuesday mazzie cosmetics (3)

The four shades I picked up, going left to right, are Quinn, a dark matte purple color that I really like. Ursula, which is a bright matte yellow-orange that reminds me of Kraft mac ‘n cheese. Anaol which is a neon slime kind of green. And lastly, Night Fetish which did not end up being the shade that I expected it to be as it is much lighter, but I still like this shade so I am not mad about it.

I know I said I picked out a few different shades so I could try out different formulas but all of these look matte if there is any shimmer to them it is very faint, which I am fine with but didn’t expect in one of them.

try it tuesday mazzie cosmetics (4)

This is the look that I came up with using all of the shades, it’s not the worst thing ever but it’s not my favorite. I’m not sure if it’s me or the colors I chose, but it’s not great. I might attempt to use these four together again and see if I can come up with something better, we’ll see. These are very much pigmented, they go on the lid the exact color that they swatch which I think is a huge thumbs up. They blend fairly well and easily together, I did have a little bit of fall out but these are loose pigments so I kind of expect that to happen. I didn’t find that I had any skin staining after wearing this pigments, I know sometimes pigments will stain the skin a little bit but I didn’t have issues with that with these.

So, overall I really like these and can see myself purchasing more sometime in the future, I think these are very pigmented, very affordable and come in a really great range of shades. So, I am really happy with my purchase and would for sure recommend this shop if you are looking for some bright shades and a small brand.

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops?


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