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Makeup Low Buy 2019

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I lost my mind a little bit in the year of 2018, I’m not sure what happened but it was like I lost my self-control and I am hoping to curb that at least a little bit. So, today I am planning on talking about something a little bit different and that is my plan for a low buy in the year of 2019, part of which I am doing because I like reading other peoples plans and goals and partly because I think it’ll hold me somewhat accountable, so let’s just dive right in and see what all of my goals and plans are for curbing my makeup shopping this year.

I don’t know what happened to me last year but it was like I lost all control of myself, so this is the year of getting myself back in order, which doesn’t mean no buy makeup and skincare at all, I’m just hoping to scale back majorly, so these are all of the steps I’m hoping help me in that journey. Starting with a budget, I have set myself a monthly budget that I can use on whatever I just have to have, I have made it so that it rolls over so if I don’t use my entire budget this month then whatever is left I will add to next months, so I am hoping this helps me stop and think about what I really want, or at least helps me stop spending so much. The exceptions are gift cards, rewards, and my next point.

I really want to be serious about my health this year, and I am sure you are asking yourself why I am mentioning this, but I am mentioning this because I plan to bribe myself a little bit and in doing so I am probably going to reward myself with stupid stuff and sometime that might be makeup, which I will not count into my budget. A potentially stupid rule but I will have to do something for it, so if it helps me stay focused I’m not mad about it.

While I know I can’t do a year-long no buy, I am hoping to complete at least two or three no buys throughout the year, I’m not sure how it’ll go but I’m hoping that I do better than I typically do because I am feeling really well focused this year. We will see how it goes, but know that no buys are coming.

I have some rules for certain products as well, such as face masks and lipsticks. The only way that I am allowing myself to pick up any new ones is with the one in and one out method, so if I want something new then I have to get rid of something else from my lipstick hoard, I should be doing a two to one but I don’t know what I have that in me. I am doing the same thing with face masks, one used up or one thrown out can be replaced but no less than one for one.

Sheets masks and candles are a couple other things that I am doing the same thing with, except I plan on doing a two to one ratio with this one, so for every two used up I can get a new one, I don’t have to but I can. And of course, he rules for this and the two products above only apply until my collection is way more manageable, which might happen this year and might not, we will have to wait and see.

I will be trying to try out things and use things up this year majorly, but that isn’t really a rule or guideline to this, more just a statement along with the fact that I am going to try and not buy any non-cruelty-free products. I mostly say try because I am sure that somehow I am going to forget to do research on a brand or something like that, otherwise I have no intention on purchasing products that still test on animals this year. And of course, I won’t be getting rid of products that I already have that aren’t cruelty-free, I will just be using them up and not repurchasing.

I hope all of this makes sense and maybe this helps someone else out, if not I hope at the very least that it keeps me a little bit more on track, we will see. So far, so good though but I am only twelve days into the month so a lot can change in that time. So, here’s to a good year and hopefully a year of managing my hoard of things better.

Have you ever gone on a no buy or low buy?


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3 thoughts on “Makeup Low Buy 2019

    1. Thank you for the link, that is super helpful! I haven’t done a lot of research yet but it seems like a lot brands are cruelty free, but I have found out that some of my favorites aren’t and that is kind of sad.

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