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2018: A Look Back

a look back_ 2018 makeup

I just finished up my 100 days of makeup challenge and wrapped it all up on Wednesday, but I am back to share more looks with you guys because I did one of these last year and thought that it was fun enough to bring back this year. Last year I just selected a few and this year I have selected eighteen of my favorites that I will try and put in the proper order, so let’s jump in and check out all of the looks that I really loved from 2018.

My first pick is my only pick from the month of January, it’s a really pretty green and blue kind of eye that I thought looked perfect and I was very happy with the results of. Number two is a soft pink look that is from February and is perfect for a soft and romantic valentines if you ask me. Number three is a super fun bright neon kind of look that I really love, it’s too fun.

Look four was one of my Disney inspired looks that I adore though looking back on it now, I am not so sure it really channels any Disney Character, still really love  it. Look five is a really bright rainbow look that I really love to look at and love playing with forever. Look six is a really pretty and simple rusty look.

Look seven is a really lovely everyday golden type of eye with a warm-toned blush and lip, I was a big fan of this look. Look eight was my attempt at a cut crease with mint and chocolate brown, which makes me think of mint chocolate chip ice cream and honestly, I love that. Look nine is a really lovely mix of pink and blue that I think looks lovely.

Look ten is a stunning sunset eye with glitter that I still think looks super pretty and is completely something that I want to play with again. Look eleven is a pink and purple look that is very princessy. Look twelve is a really warm copper eye with a very toned down face that I think is perfect.

Look thirteen is another Disney inspired look that I did more recently and am super happy with the outcome of, I think it looks pretty good and really interesting. Look fourteen is a subculture palette look that I actually enjoyed the overall look of, which was rare with that palette. Look fifteen is a dark mermaid kind of look that I loved so much I recreated three or four days in a row with various palettes,

Look sixteen is one that I completely stumbled into and am really loving the look of, I would completely wear it again though it is a little bit darker than what I typically do. Look seventeen is a darker look that I am a little bit torn on how I feel about it still, but I guess I liked it enough when picking out my looks to include it. Look eighteen is my most recent one of course and is that full flam look I shared in my monthly favorites post, it’s just super pretty and I really love the look of it.

And those are all of the makeup looks from the year of 2018 that I really wanted to display, I’m not sure which way is better to display, my top ten or keep doing this eighteen from 2018 and nineteen from 2019, but I guess that is a problem that I will have to figure out around this time next year and I have a lot of time to think about it.

Which look was your favorite from the year?


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