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100 Days of Makeup Finale

december 2018 nail wrap up (1)

I did it! I did 100 days of makeup and it was actually really fun and kind of challenging, even though I kind of maybe cheated with using lip swatches but I am still counting it, so I have finally finished this challenge. You can check out my last update here if you are interested in seeing the last update, so now let’s just jump in and talk about the last thirty one days of this challenge.

finale 1

Day 70 starts us off with a really bland but pretty lipstick that is essentially a my lips but better shade that is also glossy. Day 71 is a shade that I will probably never wear again because blue lipstick isn’t really my thing, but it is still pretty. Side note, does this remind anyone of SpongeBob or is that just me? Day 72 is a really pretty matte mauve lipstick that I would love to wear again. Day 73 is a full face, a slightly more dramatic eye with a really laid back and light face and lip, which I quite like. Day 74 is an interesting eye that I used a duochrome shadow with and a lovely matte mustard mix.

finale 2

Day 75 is a really pretty matte pinky nude lipstick shade that I think is just lovely. Day 76 is my Disney inspired look and while I think I didn’t get super creative with that one, I am really happy with how it turned out because it is really pretty. Day 77 is a pretty basic look for me, a really neutral eye with a soft lip and simple skin. Day 78 is another matte pinky shade that isn’t quite as light as the first one on this row but is still pretty. Day 79 is a shimmer sparkly lipstick that I loved during the month of December because it felt festive.

finale 3

Day 80 is a really pretty matte kind of mermaid look if you ask me, and I really like that. I wasn’t sure what I was doing when I started this look but am quite happy with how it turned out. Day 81 is another colorful look, I was trying to mix it up a bit and while I think it looks fine, I am not sure that this is my favorite eye look of all. Day 82 is another really simple lip look. Day 83 is a really neutral but pretty brown shade that I quite liked but should have done a better job with the eyeliner. Day 84 is another really simple mauve lip.

finale 4

Day 85 is another my lips but better kind of lip look. Day 86 is a full glam look that I never do but really love the look of, it makes me wish that I had more of a reason to wear a full glam kind of look more often because I would for sure do it. Day 87 is a lovely matte pink shade lip. Day 88 is a really fun orange lip. Day 89 is me trying to do something fun and different, not sure how I like it but I was pretty much just messing around with it.

finale 5

Day 90 is another pretty typical everyday kind of look, neutral eye, mid-toned lip, and a very natural base. Day 91 is a sparkly orange lip, super festive. Day 92  is a soft purpley pink kind of eye with a typical face of makeup for me. Day 93 is a brighter pink matte lip that I actually like the look of. Day 94 is a really simple brown eye, nothing exciting but completely fine with it.

finale 6

Day 95 is a really simple like, it’s basically just a lip topper that is really sparkly and cute. Day 96 is another day that I was just playing around with things and I kind of like how this turned out though I know it’s not fantastic either. Day 97 was my attempt at a bright sunset type of eye, it’s not my favorite but I do still love the way it looks. Day 98 is based on something that I doodled, I wanted to do a circle and use only primary colors then blend them together to create a more proper spectrum. I think it turned out alright, though not super round so I’ll have to try again probably. Day 99 was me messing with double liner, which is not something that I have done before, I want to try it again but for my first attempt, I am pretty okay with it.

day 100

And this was my final look for this project and for the year since it was New Year’s Eve I wanted to play with glitter and be a little bit extra, which I did. I am not the happiest with this look but it’s fine, glitter did end up getting everywhere on my face though.

And those are the final looks of this challenge, this one was tough but it was fun and I could see myself challenging myself again but if I did I wouldn’t allow but a few lipstick only kind of looks to slide by. This time around a lot of this was just so I committed to trying things and maybe got rid of some stuff, so if I do it again I will try and be more creative.

Have you ever done a challenge like this one?


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