December 2018 Nail Wrap Up

december 2018 nail wrap up

It’s time for me to talk all about all of the fun nail polishes that I wore during the month of December, which ended up being five different looks and unsurprisingly there was a lot of glitter used, so get ready for some fun and festive picks. Let’s just jump into talking about these nail looks.

december 2018 china glaze ugly sweater

First up is the China Glaze polish in Ugly Sweater Party, which is not my best application but I only wore it for two days for our Christmas parties, so it served its purpose. I think it would look better if I had put a base color underneath or if I took a little more time, but I did not. I am not writing this polish off yet but it is not a favorite of mine either.

december 2018 i scream wonderlust and china glaze snowglobe

Next up is a combo of polishes, I used an I Scream Polish in the shade Wonderworld as a base and China Glaze Snowglobe over top for a frosty combo. I was surprised by how thing Wonderworld was and wish it were thicker, so next time I may have to use a base coat to get it to the point that I wanted it to be at. China Glaze Snowglobe still stands as one of my all time favorite glitter polishes, so I am a big fan of that one.

december 2018 ilnp juliette

Now, it’s time to talk about the star of the month for me, that is the shade Juliette by ILNP. This is a stunning rose gold glitter that is super opaque with two coats and went on like a dream, this polish seriously stands out and is one of the best glitters that I have ever used. Because of this one I am really jazzed about the idea of more glitters from this brand.

december 2018 kl polish 1435

Up next is a KL Polish in the shade 1435, which was another shade that was surprising to me, I knew this was a darker blue but I did not expect it to look like a straight up navy polish, which isn’t a terrible thing because I do like navy cream nail polishes but I was expecting something a little different so I was let down a bit. The formula is fantastic though.

december 2018 opi we the female and zoya leia

Now for my final look, another combo of polishes, I used We The Female by OPI as a base and Leia by Zoya overtop of it for a really stunning duochrome kind of red shade. I’ve never used either of these polishes by themselves but together they look fantastic and go great, so it is safe to say that I am a really big fan of these two.

I had a really good month nail polish wise I think, I didn’t do quite as many as I probably would have liked but the polishes that I did wear were ones that I really enjoyed, with the exception of one but we’ll just pretend that one doesn’t exist. Also, this month has brought a possible new love of glitter to me, or more a rediscovered love of glitter. So here is to a fantastic January as well.

Did you wear any nail polishes that really stood out to you in December?


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