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December 2018 Favorites + Face

Why December 2018 Was Awesome

I am talking about some more favorites from December, so this is another post about favorites that I debated not doing but once again, I think it’s important to focus in and not forget about December just because I happen to do the end of the year wrap-ups as well. So, let’s dive into some favorites from the last month of the year.

December 2018 Favorites

Ulta Juice Infused Lip Oil in Cranberry + Pomegranate – This is a life favorite at this point, this is a fantastic product that I am not sure I could live without. This is an especially major favorite in the month of December when it’s cold outside and my lips are dry, this really helps keep them moisturized and looking really glossy, also it smells fantastic.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – This is just a little sample sized mascara and it was what I sifted to after finishing my last one, I quite like this and what I am finding out every time I switch mascaras is that it doesn’t take a whole lot for me to be happy. This one is dark, holds my lashes in place and isn’t too wet. A perfect combination for me.

Neon Pigments – I am not sure what brand these are, I can’t remember where I bought them from, but I bought them a while ago and December has been the month of really playing with all of the fun and bright colors that came in this little set. These are super pigmented, really fun and only sometimes stain the skin mildly but they typically go away after a day.

Lime Crime Plushie in K, Bye – It is no secret that I love this formula, this might be the best liquid lipstick formula I have ever tried because it is sheer, comfy and hangs on pretty well. This one is a particularly lovely nude shade as well.

Essence Volume Booster Lash Primer  – Is another endless favorite that I probably need to stop talking about, I just love this stuff so much because it makes any mascara I even kind of like look extra amazing. I am a huge fan of this and it’s super affordable.

Jeffree Star Lip Ammo in Beam Me Up – This is such a fun lipstick and a totally festive pick from the month, mostly because of glitter. This lipstick is perfect for some sparkle, it has a nice amount of glitter and does not feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. I also love the color of this because it just goes on looking like a nice layer of warm glitter over my lip color, so I am a big fan for sure.

Nars Eyeshadow in Andromeda – Yes, I am talking about this yet again and at this point, I probably need to shut up about it but I love it. This is an eyeshadow but it makes for the perfect highlighter for me, it’s easy to apply and not go overboard, it’s shimmery without being too shimmery and it just looks really fantastic on the skin.

December Skincare

Lush Rudolph Jelly Face Mask – Has been a huge favorite in December, at first it was because it was festive and then I started using it more and actually really love it. I probably should have picked up another one before it was gone for good but I did not. This mask leaves my face feeling super soft and calm, also it smells like pudding which is a huge plus.

Essie Cuticle Oil – This is my first cuticle oil and so far I think it was a fantastic purchase, especially for the winter season, it is helping alot with keeping my cuticles and fingers nice and moisturized because they tend to dry out a bunch.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – This is another forever favorite of mine at this point, but once again it’s getting cold outside almost every day which means super dry skin and this really helps keep up the moisture in my lips, so I am a big fan of this.

Truly Organic Acne Patches – I bought these because I am always looking for a quick fix, plus these are super cute and new to Ulta which is somehow how most of my purchases end up happening. I have used these three different times so far and they are magical, each and every time they cleared up what I wanted them to clear up. The only downfall is that they kind of hurt to peel off, so just be aware of that one.

Physicians Formula Refreshmint Stick – Another new thing for skincare for me is this stick, I have tried a few others like this but this is my favorite so far. I find this really refreshing and cooling while also helping depuff my under eye area, which is a fantastic thing. The smell on this is also really gentle which is another big plus if you ask me.

Day 86

I had a really easy time picking my face for the month this time around because I love this look so much, this is something that I was playing around with one day when I was bored. This is what I would call a full glam face for me, eyelashes included, which I am admittedly not very good with. This is not an everyday look but I am quite happy with how it turned out.

And those are all of my favorites for the month, some are new and some are for sure things that you guys have seen in past favorites posts, but I like to be honest and while I try to mix up things I don’t always mix everything up. But, that also means that these are always things that I am really loving at the time.

What are some of your favorites from December?


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2 thoughts on “December 2018 Favorites + Face

  1. Eeekkkkk! You look so beautiful! I really need to start using a cuticle oil more regularly, especially at the rate I do my nails. I’ve also never tried the ULTA juice infused lip oils but have been eyeing them for a while! Thanks for sharing! xo

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