Why December 2018 Was Awesome + Goals

Why December 2018 Was Awesome + Goals

I debated for a minute on whether or not I wanted to write this post this month since I did do a bunch of end of the year posts, but I thought I would because I usually do and because my year wrap-ups aren’t as detailed as I might like into the last month of the year. So, let’s settle in and talk all about the month of December.

December was such a strange month for me, it was super long but also gone in the blink of an eye, thinking back on it is very weird because typically it’s one or the other. I feel like this month has been one of the strangest I’ve had while also being uneventful, it’s a very weird thing to think about it.

Nothing particularly exciting comes to mind when thinking back on December, I had a pretty average month full of just working, hanging out and do some festive things like baking some cookies and cinnamon rolls. If you haven’t already done it, you should for sure make homemade cinnamon rolls because they are the best. Seriously.

My month was a little bit rough though because I have been having some fairly frequent panic attacks, which I do not like and am hoping calm down here shortly because I do not want to go to a doctor, but also I know I’m going to have to go and talk to someone at some point. I am not looking forward to that.

But overall, my December was pretty good, filled with staying inside because it’s super cold out, baking some things and gifts, which is always a great time if you ask me.

Now, to recap my goals from last month starting with starting to read Outlander which I did do but I have not finished it nor have I gotten very far in it, so maybe I’ll finish it in January. Doubling my Pinterest views didn’t quite happen either, I think I did pretty good but I didn’t quite get to twice as much. A goal I did accomplish was finishing decluttering my closet which I have done now, or at least I have gone through everything and have gotten rid of a bunch of stuff. And my last goal was to do a low buy which is another goal that I didn’t quite get to. So, I have not done so great with my goals from last month so let’s talk about some for this month.

I want to finish Outlander because I properly started it in December and now I am really hoping to finish it during the month of January, we will see how that goes though.

I want to stick to my budget as I have not done well with my no buy and low boys as of recently, and I have set myself on a new plan that will hopefully curb my spending, which I will be talking about more shortly.

I want to gain 15 followers on twitter this month, starting out a little bit small but I think that is the way to go, slow and steady.

December was an okay month, it was great because of Christmas but I did have some trouble throughout the month so it could have been a bit better, overall I am fairly content though.

How was your December?


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