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2018 Nail Favorites

2018 Nail Favorites (1)

Today is a weird day because today is my last favorites post of 2018, this one is all about my nail favorites, which was something I had a little bit of trouble with picking out things to do on this list. I had a hard time picking out things because I don’t really wear the same nail polish a ton, mostly because I have too many and love switching it up, so there have been very few colors that have dawned my nails twice this year. So, what I did for the nail polish itself was pick out so of my favorite colors of this year to talk about and everything else are base products and such that I have gone back to. So, let’s get on into the last favorites of 2018.


Ms Sparkle Nail Polish in Bubbles – It appears that they no longer have this on their Etsy page, so I linked something close in appearance to it. I wore this twice this year I believe and I really loved it, it looks perfect with flowers. You can check out my nails featuring this shade here.

CBL Polish in Let’s Boogie – This color is so bright and so fun and was really perfect for the spring in summer, especially the summer. I think I only wore this once but looking back at it now, I really love the way this looks. You can check out my look here.

L.A. Girl in Charming – This polish is so soft, so simple and kind of demure which is for sure something that I really enjoy. I love most nail polish colors and sometimes it’s nice to not have something super seasonal on the nails. Check it out here.

Polish Me Silly in Mermaid Tears – This is another one that they do not have on their page any longer, which makes me a little sad but I still want to include them in this post. This polish is a thermal color changing one and it is seriously one of my favorites, the weather is cold again and I am ready to bring this one out. Check out this fantastic photo if it on my nails here.

CBL Ack! It’s An Alien – Yep, this is another one that is no longer available but I am still including it because I love the look of this polish, it’s so interesting and just a really pretty. Here is it on the nails.

NCLA Valley Girl – Apparently all of the polishes that I have picked out polishes that are no longer available to put on the list, but they just happened to be my favorite. This is the best light pink that I have ever used so of course, it’s on this list. You can check it out as a base right here.

ILNP in Juliette – This is the most recent favorite of mine, this super sparkly and really pretty, I already want to wear it again and honestly, I almost wore it back to back because I didn’t want to take it off. This is one I do not have a photo of to share yet but it is coming up, so keep an eye on my Instagram for that one.


Striping Tape – Was a serious favorite for a little bit during this year, it wasn’t the whole year but there was a good chunk that I really loved using this and I’m thinking that I need to bring this out some more.

Essie Gel Top Coat –  This was something that I wasn’t sure that I was going to love but I have ended up really enjoying, this top coat really makes my nails look super shiny and it also extends the wear of my nail looks.

UNT Ready For Take Off – This is really new to me and I have used it three times total, but I loved this enough to feel confident putting this on the list. This wears fairly well when I have used it, this peels off super easily and it doesn’t seem to harm my nails.

Latex Tape – This stuff smells horrible, like really bad, but it is a fantastic thing to have when practicing nail art, especially things like water marbles. This also just works really well for just perfecting the look of all my nail polish picks.

Essie Cuticle Oil – This is another newer thing to me but something that I had been putting off picking up for a while, this has been a serious game changer in terms of the state of my cuticle care. Big fan of this for sure.

Hand Cream – Is something that I am including in my nail favorites because it is a hand favorite and something that I think is seriously needed, not anything in particular but I have used quite a few things of hand cream this year because it is great.

Star Stickers – I love these, I have a bunch of these because I bought one and then decided I needed all of the other shades. I haven’t used these in a while but I really need to use these more because these are so sparkly.

That’s it, those are all of my favorite nail polish and nail related products, a pretty good mix of things. I didn’t mean for everything to be unavailable, I did not check anything before picking them out, they just jumped out to me.  I am really happy with all these picks.

What are your favorite nail products?


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2018 Nail Favorites


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