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2018 Lifestyle Favorites

Lifestyle Favorites

It is the time of the year where I decide to round up all of my favorites from the year, I like to break it down into a few different categories so this year I have decided to start with my lifestyle favorites. Which really just means that these will be all of the random favorites that I have had from the year, it could be anything that doesn’t fit into my other posts that I will be doing, so let’s dive in and hope that this one isn’t too large of a post.

My Hero Academia is my first pick because I have seriously been loving this since I started watching it this year. I started reading the manga as well and it’s really unnecessary but I just like it that much.

Hint Watermelon Water is another thing that I have to mention, even though I have talked about it far too much this year but that also screams to me that it needs to be included in this list.

Can I say the roadtrip I went on back in May? Because I want to include that in these favorites, even if it does seem a little random but I loved that trip, it was super fun and was for sure a favorite.

I also want to mention reading because I have read so much in 2018 and have loved doing it, though it’s not really anything new as I have always been a reader. I have just gotten really immersed in it this year and am hoping to continue to read constantly into the next year. I’ve also gotten back into writing more and have been really enjoying that, I love writing stories even though I will probably never share it with the world.

I think I have to mention Pokemon Go, even if it did come into my life later this year, but it has consumed me and my husband a little bit so I had to include it in this list.

Other things I have been loving include baking, candles and not leaving the house, I feel like I have been a real homebody this year and I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I guess not terrible enough to change that.

This last thing that I have to mention is the Grand Canyon, mostly because that was amazing enough for me to talk about for years to come and include in all of my yearly wrap-ups and posts. It was so beautiful, highlight recommend going there if given the chance, it’s fantastic.

2018 Playlist

This is my playlist for the year, which you can take a listen to right here, I have spent far too much time working on this one but I am pretty happy with the results as they are all songs that I have been really loving this year.

And those are all of the things that I have deemed worthy enough to enter a yearly favorites post, a good mix of things I think and all things that I have really enjoyed. I had a little bit of a tough time coming up with things as I never write anything down for some reason, so I think this list is a little shorter than I would like.

What are some of your random favorites from this year?


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