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Review: e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer

elf poreless putty primer (1)

I am almost regretting picking this post for today, mostly because I feel like I should have done something more festive than this post, but it is too late for me to plan anything else so today I will be talking about the last item that I was debating on for first impression Friday. I have worn this one quite a few times at this point so it’ll be more of a proper review than a first impression, so let’s chit-chat about this strange new product.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

First Impression Friday Elf (1)Today is all about the e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer, which I believe is a new product from the brand and will run you $8.00 for 0.74 oz of product, which comes to about $10.82 per oz. I think this primer is a really fantastic value and I am pretty sure that this is supposed to be a dupe of the Tatcha silk canvas primer that I really want to try, maybe I’ll do a dupe post on it, we’ll see what I decide to do but for now let’s just chat about this primer for today.

First Impression Friday Elf (2)Let’s talk packaging, the packaging is very much standard e.l.f. brand packaging, it’s very basic, black and matte. Honestly, I kind of like it because it typically feels pretty sturdy while also being very simple and pleasing to the eye. This packaging also works great for this type of primer, there is no way this would work in a pump or a tube. Plus, the opening of this jar is really wide which makes for less digging around and that is always a plus for me.

First Impression Friday Elf (3)Look at the beautiful and untouched smooth primer. It is so visually appealing.

Anyway, using this primer for the first time was really strange because the top layer is just really hard and it takes a second to get through it to the more creamy center. Once you get through the top it is still a really thick primer but it is a lot creamier and easier to apply on the skin. I actually really like this because I find that it does what it is supposed to, it fills in any pores that I have and makes my skin look really perfected. I think the only thing left to mention is the scent, I didn’t really notice any scent to this product and really it just kind of smells like makeup.

I am actually really happy with this product and have found myself reaching for it a bunch of times, I am still finding myself enjoying this product and will probably continue to use this as I really enjoy it.

What is your favorite primer?7


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elf poreless putty primer (2)


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