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Winter 2018 Makeup Picks

Winter Makeup Picks 2018 (1)

It is officially winter and I am not sure how I feel about that, not that it matters how I feel because winter is here. I wanted to do this post yesterday, on the first real day of winter, but I had a first impression Friday that I needed to do this month and since it has to be done on a Friday, I did it yesterday and am doing this one today. I am excited to talk about some fun and maybe slightly random winter picks, but I have reasoning behind most things. So, let’s check out my picks for the season.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

Winter Picks 2018 (1)

NYX HD Photo Concealer in Green – I have picked this because I get a little bit more irritated and red skin during the winter time, so this seems like a great pick to throw into the mix.

Mac Strobe Cream – is a great pick for the winter season I think, it give a really nice glow and it’s pretty moisturizing, which sounds like a great time during winter even though I know a lot of people typically go for matte skin.

Nars Andromeda Eyeshadow – I have been using this as a highlighter and have been seriously loving it, though I’m not sure if they still sell this one, but I love it and think it’s the perfect amount of sparkle for this season.

Clinique Black Honey Pop Blush – This is such a pretty shade of blush, it’s a deeper tone which I prefer in the winter time but it’s also a really easily wearable shade.

Winter Picks 2018 (2)

Lime Crime Diamond Dew in Gold Dust – I picked this because it’s blogmas and I’m thinking about Christmas time, so this seems like a great pick even for the rest of the winter time.

NYX HD Blush in Taupe – I just picked this out because I love this as a contour and it’s perfect for the winter when my skin is slightly paler, not that there is much of a difference.

J.Cat Rockin’ The night Sparkling Powder in Lion Silver – This is another festive inspired pick that I think will be good for all winter when I decide that I want to play with something sparkly.

Lush Cranberry Fizz Lip Scrub  – This one is going in the picks for a bunch of reasons, it’s new to me, it feels very seasonally appropriate and for winter I find myself really needing a lip scrub to help with my dry and chapped lips.

The Balm Batter Up in Moon Shot  – This is a cream stick eyeshadow that I really love, this is a seriously fantastic item for a really quick and easy eye look, just pop it on the lid and go on with my life.

Jeffree Star Lip Ammo in Beam Up – This is my last really festive pick in this list, this is really sparkly but also a really easy to wear a lip color that I think is subtle but fun. An easy slightly out there lip color.

Clinique Black Honey Lipstick – This is the perfect lipstick, it’s really easy and it looks great with very little effort, it also feels really fantastic on the lips. Overall, a really fantastic lipstick that I think is going to be great this season.

Lime Crime Plushie in K, Bye – I adore this formula, it’s seriously one of my favorite formulas that I have ever tried. I think this is a great matte lipstick because it is not overly drying but it is still matte and long lasting.

So, these are all of my winter makeup picks, a really random mix of things but a fun mix that I think will work really well for the winter that is coming up. Of course, I will be wearing other makeup but these are the things that I think really work well for winter.

What are your favorite winter products?

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