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First Impression Friday: Jeffree Star Lip Ammo in Beam Me Up

First Impression Friday Jeffree Star Beam Me Up (1)

There were a bunch of things that I wanted to do the first impression of this month and I had such a hard time deciding, so I decided to do this one and slightly more in-depth reviews of the other two products that I was interested in doing a first impression of, though I’m not sure they will be super in depth either. Anyway, today is about first impressions and my first impression this month will be about a lipstick, which is not surprising seeing as I talked about lipstick last month, I just really like lipstick. You will see how much so in the new year. But for now, let’s jump into talking about this festive little lipstick.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

First Impression J (1)Today is all about the Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition Lipstick in the shade Beam Me Up, this is from the Alien collection which I think is the holiday collection, I’m not completely sure but I am fairly sure. This lipstick will run you $18.00, which feels pretty standard for a fancy lipstick if you ask me so I’m not mad about it.

First Impression J (3)

Now, lets talk packaging, the packaging shape is pretty standard for the brand, it’s shaped like a bullet which I don’t love but I can’t do anything about. It is white instead of pink though and it’s sparkly, you can’t see it in the photo and I didn’t know that until I had it my hands, but it has glitter and I kind of love that. It’s just a small little detail that I love.

First Impression J (5)

Let’s talk formula and color, I’m not typically a sparkly lipstick kind of wearer but I saw this swatch on the website and knew that I had to have it. when I got this and swatched it on my hand I was a little bit disappointed because it is kind of this ugly orangey brown color, slight spoiler but it looks great on the lips and very different. I very much like it, but on first swatch it just doesn’t look great.

First Impression J (6)

On this lip this is stunning, it’s like the perfect dusting of glitter and shimmer while just being my lip color. I really love it, it’s very glam and festive while also being somewhat subtle.

Let’s talk about the actual formula. Since it has so much glitter in it I expected it to be really gritty but it’s actually really smooth and feels nice on the lips, I was really surprised by that. This felt fairly moisturizing, not quite lip balm level but it is a lipstick after all. This didn’t last a crazy amount of time, probably two or three hours before I felt like I needed to reapply, so pretty good for a creamy light lipstick. This also smells lightly of vanilla and I seriously love that, a vanilla scented lipstick is the best.

So, overall I was a little bit nervous at first with this one but it got better and at the end of this first impressions I think it is safe to say that I really enjoy this. And now that I have written this, I am excited to wear this for all of the Holiday parties, not that I will be going to a bunch but still, I really like it.

Have you guys tried this lipstick?


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First Impression Friday Jeffree Star Beam Me Up (2)


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