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Review: Worlds Smallest Disco

Worlds Smallest Disco (2)

I have a slightly bittersweet post today, bitter because it is my last Christmas range Lush product to review but sweet because I am reviewing a Lush bath bomb today, which is one of my favorite things to do. So let’s just jump right into this bath bomb review.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

Worlds Smallest Disco (1)

Today I will be talking all about the World’s Smallest Disco Bath Bomb, a bath bomb that is from the Christmas range but I think is very much not festive since it is just a black bath bomb. This one will run you $7.95 and is vegan, it also features ingredients such as popping candy, lime oil, and grapefruit oil.

I did not remember to get a photo of this one before I threw it into the water, but it’s probably for the better because I am pretty sure that the one that I got in the mail had seen better days when it got to me. But, I can talk about it and you can check it out on the Lush website that is linked above. This bath bomb is your standard round shape, it’s a black base and has multi colored fun little dots throughout it, kind of like how lava lamp has cocoa butter spots or luxury lush pud looks. It’s pretty interesting to look at though it doesn’t scream holiday, not that it has to.

Worlds Smallest Disco (2)

Now, let’s talk about what it looks like once you toss it into the water and let it fizz away, which you can see what looks like in the photo above and the photo to the right of all of this text. This bath bomb does exactly what you would think it would do once it hits the water, it fizzes away fairly quickly and leaves your water a dark grey almost black kind of color with various colored spots throughout it, though eventually, those will dissolve as well and the water just turned into this black and fairly glittery mix in my tub.

The thing about this that in hindsight should have been clear when I bought this is that it is a black bath bomb, which means that it stained my tub slightly this light purple kind of color and I was not into that. I always hate it when a bath bomb stains my tub because I find it so hard to clean usually. I tried my best and I think there is still a slight bit lingering here and there, so use this at your own risk.

Worlds Smallest Disco (3)

I want to talk a little bit about the scent of this bath bomb because I rather enjoyed it, though it didn’t linger as long as I would have liked. This one has a really merry and bright kind of scent to it if you ask me, it smells of citrus pretty strongly and it’s got a sweetness to it that I enjoy. The scent isn’t anything that I have sniffed before at Lush, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love the scent of it.

This bath bomb is like most things, I didn’t find it particularly moisturizing but like all Lush products, I did leave the bath feeling soft, moisturized and happy because a Lush bath bomb is pretty much always a great experience. And I think that is everything that I have to say about this one.

So, overall I do not think I would pick this one up again sheerly for the fact that it did stain my tub and I am not looking for a bath bomb that requires me to deep clean my bathtub afterward, it’s just not the most relaxing of all things. I did like the scent though and I liked this look of it overall, I think if they changed the color and brought it back I would for sure pick another one of these up.

Have you tried this bath bomb this season?


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Worlds Smallest Disco (1)


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