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Try It Tuesday: CountryMarketCrafts Bath Bombs

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I am so excited about today’s post, I will be testing out some really fun and festive bath bombs from the Etsy shop CountryMarketCrafts, and I am excited about it. Last month I talked all about liquid lipstick and this one is all about bath products, or really just bath bombs, this time around anyway. Enough of me rambling, let’s talk about these bath bombs.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

First up is the Christmas Wreath bath bomb, this little bath bomb is super adorable and very much festive, because what’s more festive than a cute little wreath? I can’t think of very many things. This bath bomb hit the water and was a quick little fizzer, this one was gone before I knew it and all that was left was a little red bow, which I am still not sure if it was a melt or a little piece of soap, though I want to guess that it was a melt because it was gone by the end of the bath. This left my bath water a lovely green shade, which isn’t the slightest bit surprising seeing as it’s a green wreath. This bath bomb didn’t have a lot of scent to it, I didn’t really notice anything other than it kind of smelled like soap. The thing about this that stood out to me was how moisturizing this one was, the top of this is basically covered in a bath melt and it left my skin feeling super moisturized. Overall, this one wasn’t my favorite but I didn’t hate it either, I probably wouldn’t pick up another one though.

Next up is the Peppermint Bark Bundt Cake bath bomb was not everything I expected it to be in terms of scent, mostly because once this cute little cake hit the water it just kind of smelled overwhelmingly of peppermint, though it very quickly mellowed out into a softer peppermint scent. I didn’t notice any other scent with this one aside from peppermint, which isn’t a bad thing. This little bath bomb is also super adorable, it’s very cute and looks like a tiny little cake which is really too cute. This one was another fairly quick fizzer and while this one was also really moisturizing, it was the least of the three that I will be reviewing. Overall, I liked this bath bomb, it’s not my all time favorite ever but it is a really nice one and does smell rather festive

And the last bath bomb is the Frosted Gingerbread bath bomb and I for sure saved the best for last. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this one, it smelled really strongly of spices, just as gingerbread would, but the second it hit the water I was in love. This does smell really strong and spicy, but it also has a sweetness to it and I really enjoyed how much it smelled like I was bathing in gingerbread, is that weird? Either way, I loved it. This little bath bomb is pretty simple to look at but it’s still pretty cute and inside was a little surprise, it’s purple! I did not expect that but I quite enjoyed it, something fun to spice up this bland looking bath bomb. I also found this one to be super moisturizing, easily the most moisturizing of the three as I left the bath feeling like I had lathered myself in body butter, which I don’t mind the slightest bit this time of year. Overall, I loved this bath bomb and am really debating picking up another one… or three.

So, in conclusion, I really liked this brand and had a great experience ordering from this shop. Everything was packaged really nicely and came to me in one piece, which is already a better start than a lot of bath bombs I have gotten before. Everything was just as it was pictured and described and overall, I really enjoyed my entire package. So, will for sure be purchasing from CountryMarketCrafts again.

Have you ever tried anything from this Etsy store before?


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Try It Tuesday CountryMarket (1)


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