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Blogmas 2018 Post Ideas

Blogmas Post Ideas (2)

Hello there, today is all about blogmas post ideas, just anything that comes to mind really that I think would make a good blog post. I think I did one of these last year and it was quite fun and a little bit challenging to do, so I had to do it again this year and see if I could come up with some great ideas. Plus, since we are in the thick of blogmas I thought this might help out a feel people who are feeling a little stuck, so let’s talk about some ideas.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

  1. Gift Guides – These are a pretty classic blogmas post and a really fun way to combine shopping for your friends and family with a really fun blog post. You can do all sorts and have a fun time with this one.
  2. Decorate With Me – Whether you show off the decorating process as a whole or you just show the end results, I think this is a really fun post. I just love to see how people decorate.
  3. Christmas Cocktails – I have never done a post about this myself but it sounds really fun, something that I might do sometime in the future if I knew anything about cocktails. But, if you do this could be a fun thing to share.
  4. Stocking Stuffers – I know this is basically a gift guide but I like listing this idea by itself because I can. I also really love stockings, so I love reading these posts and getting all sorts of fun new ideas.
  5. Festive Baking – I love to bake all year round but especially this time of year, it’s just really peaceful and enjoyable. So, I also love seeing post about what people are baking so maybe I can snag a few new fun things to make.
  6. Favorite Holiday Movies – I am not a huge movie person myself but I do love holiday movies from time to time, so round up a big list of all of your favorites and share it with the world.
  7. Bath Cocktails – This is something I haven’t seen a lot of in the past year but I always loved seeing, that’s a post where people put together various bath products to create a theme and festive ones are always the best.
  8. Favorite Holiday Scents – Everyone has scents that they love this time of year and that they associate with this time of year, so why not share a few?
  9. Winter Pamper Night – It is cold out so why don’t you pamper yourself and share it as a fun and festive winter pamper night routine?
  10. Holiday Traditions – Everyone seems to have different traditions for this time of year, so why not share a few of yours and get in that festive spirit.
  11. Favorite Holiday Memories – Take a stroll down memory lane and share some of your favorite holiday memories with the internets.
  12. Festive Playlist – I love making playlists, so put together some of your favorite festive songs and share it for the world to enjoy. I love listening to Christmas music.
  13. Winter Skincare – Winter can be hard on the skin and everyone seems to have some tips, tricks or products that really save their skin during the winter seasons, so share yours.
  14. Favorite Foods – I love hearing all about what peoples favorite holiday foods are.
  15. Festive Tags – There are all sorts of festive tags out there, so just pick one or two and share your answers with the world, it’ll be fun, usually.
  16. Wishlist – This is useful for people who follow your blog or just for people like me who are endlessly nosey and interested in finding out what people are looking for.
  17. Festive Reviews – There are all sorts of brands coming out with holiday products and kits, so if you own something from one of those collections share a fun little review of it.
  18. Things I love About Christmas – Or the holiday of your choice, or winter even, but share some of your favorite things about this time of year.
  19. Festive Nail Art – Either do some fun nail art or compile a list of your favorite nail art looks and share it for the world to see.
  20. Festive Makeup – This can be really fun, something for a holiday party of all sorts, or just something festive in general, but fun makeup looks are great this time of year.
  21. Festive Hair – I am completely terrible at hair but it is fun to see tutorials for fun hairstyles for this time of year, not that I would ever be good at them myself but it is still nice to look at.
  22. Festive Outfits –  Share some of your favorite outfits for all festive occasions or just one, whatever you are into.
  23. Ugly Sweaters – Either a list of all of the ugly sweaters from across the internet or you can make your own and share it with everyone, either way, I think this would be fun.
  24. Holiday Anti Haul – Like I said above, a ton of holiday products and sets are coming out which makes this the perfect time for an anti haul.
  25. New Years Resolutions – The year is coming to an end, so why not share some of your goals for the next year?
  26. Holiday Bucket List – A fun list of all the festive things that you want to complete and do this year.
  27. Winter Bucket List – A list of all of the wintery things that you would love to do before the winter is over.
  28. Best Gift I’ve Given – I think these are interesting, I’m not sure why but I just really enjoy reading what people are giving to the people they love or what they think are the best gifts they have ever given. It’s just fun.
  29. Best Gift I’ve Ever Received – This is something that I’ve only seen a handful of times but have always enjoyed reading, I think it’s super interesting to see what kinds of gifts people loved receiving.
  30. Blogmas Ideas – And lastly, if you are out of ideas or just want to try and inspire some people, make your own list of fun blogmas ideas.

And those are all of the ideas that I have come up with this year, I didn’t give myself a number or anything, I just kind of shared all of the ideas that I thought were good.

Are you doing blogmas this year?


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Blogmas Post Ideas (1)


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