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Review: Lush Candy Cane Bubble Bar

Lush Candy Cane (2)

Hello there, today I will be doing my first proper Lush Christmas review and I am super excited about it, I always love talking about Lush especially their Christmas line because it’s typically my favorite. I was not super excited about the Christmas range this year but there are for sure a handful of things that I am excited about, or maybe a couple handfuls. Anyway, let’s talk about this cute little Candy Cane.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

Candy Cane Lush (1)Today I am talking about the Candy Cane bubble bar from Lush, this bubble bar will run you $5.95 and is one of their cheaper bubble bars and this one is vegan. This one is super cute, though typically they aren’t broken like mine, which I dropped on the floor meer minutes before taking this photo, it was so sad. But, I still think this bubble bar is really cute and festive, though I will say I think Lush missed the mark in terms of scent with this one.

Candy Cane Lush (2)And let me tell you why, while I love the scent of this product I think the more obvious thing to do would have been to make this minty, which I guess would have been expected but I am kind of disappointed they didn’t try for a nice soft and creamy peppermint scent for this product, but then again what do I know? I do like this scent though, so while I’m rambling about what I wish they would have done let me tell you about the scent it does have. The smells really close to the Snow Fairy scent, it’s a very sweet and generic kind of candy scent, which I really like, so it’s not a bad scent choice just a really unexpected one.

Candy Cane Lush (3)Now, let’s talk about the formula itself. I think this was a little bit disappointing in terms of bubbles, I used the whole thing and it didn’t create nearly as many bubbles as I would have liked, which was a let down.

I did enjoy everything else though, it wasn’t super moisturizing but it was moisturizing as most Lush products are. The color of this was not surprising when you think about but still a little unexpected because it did end up being orange, this was a really pretty shade. This scent did linger in the water and on my skin pretty well, so that was another added and enjoyable bonus.

So, overall I did really enjoy this bubble bar, it was my all time favorite but it wasn’t bad either. I feel like the Candy Mountain bubble bar or magic wand are better versions of this because I typically get more bubbles from those, but if you are looking for something really festive and less pink this one is for sure a great option.

What are some of your favorite Lush Christmas products from the present or from the past?


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Lush Candy Cane (1)


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