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Dupe: Wet ‘N Wild vs. Dose Of Colors

Dupe wnw doc (2)

Hello there, today let’s talk about dupes, something that I do every single month because it is fun to see if I can find a cheaper version of something more high end. Today I am putting some lip glosses up on the chopping block, these are two lip glosses that I realized might be dupes so I thought I had to give them a shot. So, let’s find out if these two are dupes or not.

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Dupe DOC vs WNW (1)

Today I will be talking about the Dose of Colors lip gloss in the shade On Repeat and the Wet ‘N Wild Catsuit lip gloss in Send Nudes.

The Dose of Colors lip gloss comes with 0.16oz of product and will run you $17.00, which comes out to $106.25 an ounce. The Wet ‘N Wild lip gloss comes with 0.21oz and will run you $4.99, which comes out to $23.77 an ounce. So, it is safe to say that the Wet ‘N Wild one is for sure more bang for your buck, no questions about that one.

Dupe DOC vs WNW (2)

Now, I want to talk packaging a little bit, partly because I always talk about it and partly because I think this packaging is basically a dupe. This lip gloss packaging looks exactly the same just with different logos and one has a silver band, but otherwise, they look almost identical from the outside. I prefer the white band over the silver one but I prefer the Dose of Colors logo.

I also want to talk a little bit about the wand, these are not dupes and I have to give the win to the Wet ‘N Wild one because it is one of those doe foot applicators with the dips in it that make for perfect application. The Dose of Colors one is just a really pretty standard and not exciting.

Dupe DOC vs WNW (3)

Now it’s time to talk about the color match, which as you can see they are not dupes. In the tube they looked like they would be but swatched they are not, the top one is the Wet ‘N Wild and the bottom is the Dose of Colors is one the bottom. The top is a lot more nude and neutral whereas the bottom is a lot pinkier, I really like both but they are different. I’m not sure that you would need both but I also think they are different enough that if you owned both it wouldn’t be crazy.

The last thing we are going to talk about is the formula, I think that the Dose of Colors one really knocks it out of the park. I think it’s better because it is a smoother formula along with being less sticky, they have very subtle differences in terms of formula.

So, overall I do not think that these two are dupes of each other, in formula or in color but in packaging, I do think they are, not that it matters because the packaging is not why we are here. I do like both of these glosses and think that owning either one or both of these wouldn’t be a bad thing, they are both good in their own ways.

What are some of your favorite dupes?


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Dupe wnw doc (1)


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