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Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

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Hello there, today is all about stocking stuffers, which is the only gift guide that I will be doing this year. I thought about doing other gift guides but I don’t really think I’m great at them, so I just wanted to share some fun and funky stocking stuffers with you guys. So let’s just get into a fun list of stocking stuffers.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

Stocking Stufers


Loz Diamond Blocks – Are my first pick, for children and adults alike, these are very small and they make all sorts, though the only place I know to find these are on ebay, they are still fun and great stocking stuffers.

Bath & Body Works Mini Candles – These are so adorable, they come in a bunch of different scents and are perfect for any stocking.

Drunk Elephant NightBright Duo – This is a great way to test out some Drunk Elephant products while also keeping yourself very moisturized during those harsh winter months.

The Body Shop Festive Body Butter Trio – Is another fun pick that is perfect for those harsh and cold winter months, plus these festive scent choices sound really fantastic.

Bite Beauty Sweet Treats Agave Lip Care Set – Is yet another pick that I think is great for the winter time, I just like keeping moisturized and I guess I kind of reflect that in my stocking stuffer choices. These are really great products in a cute little jar that are perfect for anyone looking to try Bite Beauty.

Gingerbread Truffles – These sound amazing and I really love the idea of fancy handmade chocolates, plus gingerbread truffles sound so tasty.

Pokemon Bath Bombs – Are super cute and this is one that you could probably even make yourself, with some small pokemon toys a homemade bath bomb recipe. But, if you aren’t this is a great place to find one.

Philosophy Purity Cleanser – This is super tiny and really cute, this is also a fantastic facial cleanser, so I think that makes for a perfect stocking stuffer.

Cosmic Blur Nail Inc. Set – I love this little set, it’s adorable and small, plus who doesn’t love some great iridescent action? I know I do for sure. This also covers your nails and highlight.

Stocking Stuffers

Sheet Masks – The one featured here is one of the holiday Sanrio ones from The Creme shop, but really any sheet masks would make for the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone.

Nars Little Fetishes Blush Duo – This little duo is super cute and comes with some really pretty blushes, plus little sets like this are my favorites because they give just a little taste of more expensive brands.

Becca Lilac Love Lip & Highlighting Duo – This is another cute little set that I love, these little duos are just too cute if you ask me and like I’ve said far too many times, these little sets are just perfect for a nice little nibble at a brand.

Dose Of Colors Lip Gloss Mini Set – This little lip gloss quad is perfect for the stocking, four shades in very small sizes, plus these lip glosses are so good and some of my favorites.

Hand Sanitizer – You could get all different sorts from various places but of course the top option, if you ask me, is from Bath & Body Works. They have a couple different type options and all sorts of scents, which makes it easy to pick out something perfect for anyone.

Kopari Lip Set – This one is different from the one that is pictured because it appears to have sold out and I can’t find it online anywhere, so this one is nearly as good. I have never tried these but I have heard really good things and what better time to try them out than with a fun little set.

Holiday Assortment of Chocolate – Another set of fun little chocolates, this one is an assortment of various flavors and these ones are all handmade as well.

The Creme Shop Hand Cream – All hand creams would make great stocking stuffers if you ask me, this just happened to be the one that I chose to feature, it’s cute and I love Chococat.

The Body Shop Festive Sack in Peppermint Candy Cane – I think they have other scents but I picked this one out because what is more festive than peppermint? My only concern about this one is that it might not fit in a stocking, but otherwise, this comes with a lot of different types of small products.

And those are all of my stocking stuffer picks, the list could have been way longer but I tried to not make it too long.  I think all little trinkets, games and candies belong in a stocking if you ask me, so you can fun and creative with this pretty easily.

What are your favorite stocking stuffers?


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