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100 Days of Makeup Update #3

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I can’t believe that we are already a week into Blogmas, time is really flying by this month and I wish it would slow down just a little bit. But anyway, welcome to day seven of Blogmas where we will be talking about my 100 days of makeup challenge, so far so good. Last month I updated you on all of the looks in October and this month it’s all about my looks in November. I’m so excited to finish this project, not that I’m tired of it I am just excited to say that I did it and then maybe see the progress I’ve made in 100 days, if any. So, let’s jump right on in.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

100 Days Update 3 1

Lets start with November first, of course, which is day 40, I did a really bright look that I’m not completely happy with but I think it was fun to play around with. Day 41 is a really pretty all green look that I adored and played around with far too many times later in the month, but what can I say? I just really loved the Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Palette. Day 42 was a rather unexciting look but one that I enjoyed. Day 43 I rocked a really lovely shade of pink lipstick. Day 44 was a slightly glossy kind of peachy nude lip kind of day.

100 Days Update 3 2

Day 45 is the day that I played around with my Maleficent makeup, which you can check out the full look here, it was super fun and really out of what I typically do. Day 46 is probably the closest to your typical everyday makeup that I get, it’s very basic and glowy but I like that. Day 47 is a really simple lip. Day 48 is another really simple and neutral look. Day 49 is essentially the same as the previous day plus glitter, which I like better because of glitter.

100 Days Update 3 3

Day 50 is probably one of my favorite looks that I have done so far this whole challenge, it’s just really pretty and reminds me of a slightly too purple sunset but I’m into that. Day 51 involves glitter too, its a really basic and light eyeshadow look but I like that. Day 52 is another favorite of mine if it wasn’t for the fact that I really messed up the eyeliner on this one, I couldn’t fix it up properly so I ended up removing this eyeshadow look that day but I still had to include it because I love the warm sunset colors. Day 53 is a really dark and dramatic eye, one that I loved wearing and loved the look of, but don’t think is the most practical and doesn’t feel completely like myself, but I still wore it and liked it strangely. Day 54 is a really pretty rosy kind of lipstick shade for the day.

100 Days Update 3 4

Day 55 ended up being a weird mix of colors that I am still not sure if I like or not, it’s just really dark but also bright and strange. I might have to play around with that some more, we will see. Day 56 is a really stunning mermaid kind of dark eye that I loved doing, which you will clearly see in the next two looks because I basically just created the same look with three palettes. Day 57 is pretty much the same as the previous day just plus more sparkle. Day 58 ended up being a little bit more blue toned if you ask me and I really like that, the difference is subtle but it’s nice at the same time. Day 59 is kind of like the rest in this photo but not at the same time, it’s dark and beautiful but it’s also leaning a little warmer toned and army green like. I like it.

100 Days Update 3 5

Day 60 was really pretty and soft, it makes me thing of a nice kind of princess type eye look and I really like that. Super happy with how that one turned out. Day 61 is very purple and almost a monotone purple, which is another look that I rather enjoy. Day 62 is a rather light but still kind of firey type of look to it, which I also really enjoy. Day 63 ended up looking a lot more yellow and gold than I really remember but I still think it looks pretty great. Day 64 is dark but probably one of my favorite eyeshadow looks of the month, I just really like the purple look to it and think that it blended really well, so a big fan of this one and might try to recreate it sometime later.

100 Days Update 3

Day 65 is a little bit sloppy and I can recognize that it’s not offensively bad or anything but it’s not really good either. Day 66 is this stunning matte lip liner. Day 67 is a really bright kind of pink shade that is glossy and just beautiful. Day 68 is kind of how I wanted day 65 to turn out, very bright and pink, and even a little bit obnoxious, so it’s safe to say that I am a big fan of this one. Day 69, the last day of the month is one that I also really enjoy, a really soft neutral kind of rosy glam that I think is perfect for all occasions.

And those are all of the looks for November, I did get stuck in a little rut in the middle but overall I think I played with a lot of colors and had less lip focused looks this month. I am hoping to really buckle down and focus this last month and have all eye and face looks, but there might be some lips sneaking in because they are easy to do when I have no time. Still not sure if that is cheating but I’m not counting it as cheating, so I’m going to say it’s not. We will have to wait and see how I keep up with a busy December.

Have you ever done 100 days of makeup?


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