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November Nail Wrap Up

November Nail Wrap Up (2)

Hello there, today I am sharing all of the nail polishes that I wore on my nails during the month of November. Last month I shared six differed polishes and this month I have fallen a little bit behind with only five, either way I have some cute and loved shades to share, so let’s jump right on in.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

November 2018 Comet Vomit Cat Eye Ebula

My very first polish for the month is from Comet Vomit in the shade Cat Eye Nebula, this is a really pretty red shade with some shimmer to it, which I really like. I am a little bit grumpy about that little-chipped nail, otherwise, I love this polish.

November 2018 Comet Vomit Teal Degrasse Tyson

Polish number 2 is another Comet Vomit nail polish in the shade Teal DeGrasse Tyson, and I seriously loved wearing this polish, it’s a really stunning teal shade with some shimmer to it and it lasted really well. These are really impressive nail polishes in terms for formula.

November 2018 Comet Vomit Venus Goes To Mars

This my third and final polish from Comet Vomit, I got three and I really wanted to wear them all so I wore all three one after another, this one is in the shade Venus Goes To Mars and is a matte polish. I liked it matte but I still put a top coat over it to see what it looked like and I like it that way too. This is a really pretty and more subtle polish.

November 2018 I Scream Nails Death By Rainbow

This is the shade Death By Rainbows by I Scream Nails and I was a little bit disappointed by this one because I thought this was going to be opaque and it wasn’t, this is I believe four coats and I didn’t love the way this looked. I’m going to try and use these other ways before I write this one off, but as of right now I am not a huge fan.

November 2018 OPI Berry Fairy Fun

And my last polish for the month is an OPI polish in the shade Berry Fairy Fun, which is not a color I typically go for but am a big fan of actually. This is a pretty pinky purple with shimmer and I really liked wearing this. I think I’m starting to like OPI polishes more, which I never thought would happen.

And those are all of the nail looks that I wore during the month of November, I would say a good mix of brands but I did wear three polishes from one brand, so that’s not really true. I do think that I mixed up the colors and am really happy with all of the colors that I wore.

What’s your favorite nail polish?


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November Nail Wrap Up (1)


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